James new crown is overwood! 8 nucleic acids were negative, the fastest on the ship, the Lakers were shocked

Beijing time https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com on December 3, according to the latest news of NBA Name, Lakers, James, the Lakers, have already lifted the new crowns, and will come back to the race in the game tomorrow.

Such a message is also a fascinating fascination, then how James just being diagnosed with asymptomatic infection will suddenly lift the crisis, which is also a fascinating.

The name is given, it turned out that James finally detected positive, and continuously did eight nucleic acid detection. These 8 nucleic acid detection were negative, and this show that James is not https://www.nbatrikots4.com new crown infected, this wind wave is also a trouble. A big oolong.

In this way, James will also release it and bid farewell to NBA health security agreements. Subsequent NBA officials also published a statement, and the Lakers’ star James intermine 24 hours of nucleic https://www.maillotbasket6.com acid detection, both tests are negative, James will officially disseviate, return to the team.

Thus, James will no longer be restricted by the safety health agreement. Before James was in the foundation of the Kings, 2 nucleic acid tests were positive. At that time, the Lakers fans were also frightened. After all, James can’t play the game for many days. Lakers The record really can’t see it.

It now seems that the results of James’s nucleic acid detection were false positives. James returned to this Oolong, but the final result was good. https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
Now the Lakers’ record is not too good, the Lakers need James to sit in the town, James can make the rhythm of the game in the game, can take the team’s burden at the crucial moment, James is the main heart of this Lakers.

At present, the Lakers ranked 12 wins and 11 negative records, the record rose to a certain extent, if James returned to the Lakers, may usher in rebound. The James monte has attended 11 games, absent 12 games, and James is in place with the team’s record. Today, James will also return to the fire, which is the best news for the Lakers fans.

Do you think James can bring what is the Lakers?

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