James took the initiative to respond to Stewart’s remarks! Wei Shao said that we must prepare for the game!

The Lakers hit a three-game game, and they also dted back to March 2011, when the Lakers 139-137 defeated the Sun Team. In this game, the Lakers are also three plus, and there is also a 137 points, but the end result is 141-137, and the Lakers lost to the Kings.

You can say that Fox and Hilde are Mr. Big Scene, but LeBron James 2 times wrong chance, it is unfortunately, https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com unfortunately, unfortunately!

Especially the second overtime, if the old throws were punished 2, the Lakers may win this game, but unfortunately ~

After the game, Lao Zhan mentioned the play of the game in the interview, he said:

”As I personally, I made a very poor game, which didn’t reach my request for myself. I know that I have to become better for this team, especially considering that we are now experiencing everything of.”

Lao Zhan took the initiative, Anthony Davis pointed out the cause of the team’s failure:

”One of our biggest problems in this field is to grab 16 offensive rebounds by the opponent, and we have a jump shot at the offensive end.”

Of course, this is the reason why the eyebrows feel the loss of https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com the game, I believe there will be a lot of leaders who know the ball has their own opinions.

In addition, in the competition of the piston against the carriage, Stewart issued its own view for his conflict with James:

”This will be the last time I discussed this, I saw the video, I don’t think that is an accident!”

Lao Zhan saw Stu, he mentioned the matter after the game with the Kings, James said:

”I have seen the speech of Stewart today. The face of Stewart is just an accident. I just tried to push him from myself. I have never been the player.”

For this matter, we have discussed a lot of times, you don’t say it here, everyone has everyone’s view.

Cutting 29 points 11 assists 10 panels of Wei Shao, did not summarize tonight, he only focused one thing:

”Take a break and prepare for Sunday. Tonight https://www.nbatrikots4.comis over, no matter how many minutes we have, we must adjust your physical condition to prepare for Sunday.”

It is worth mentioning that Beijing time on November 29th, 10:30, Los Angeles Lakers will take the challenge of the Detroit Piston at home. This is a game that Lakers can’t lose, not for anything else!

As a brother, Wei Shao really didn’t say it.

Brothers, what do you think?

Thank you for reading, I wish you a bright eye ~