James Wong baseball idol milestone reached 3000 career strikeouts to MLB Legends

Written / Zhang Zihan

”Strikeout to end half-board” cries the audience of the Yankee game to switch away rattlesnake became the Yankees at home, remember that changeup fall swing strikeout Sabah West 3000 completed his first career strikeouts, fans in the audience applause, he slowly walked down the mound and hugged his teammates, Sabah West Asia has become the third left-hander in MLB history to reach this achievement.

CC-Sabasia reached a career of 3000

CC-Sabasia reached a career of 3000

The 39-year-old Sabah West during the last off-season to do a heart bypass and knee surgery, but if he can continue to maintain healthy, he will soon reach 250 wins. Wins are one of the most important measure of a pitcher’s career contribution data, but because of where the team is uneven, this data will be a big deviation.

Plus history to get 250 wins, 3000 strikeouts and only pitcher alleged doping of ”Rocket Man” Clemens is not the Hall of Fame, and the remaining members of the high number of votes are elected. Even the Cy Young Award is named after the pitcher who symbolizes the highest honor I did not get 3000 career strikeouts, CC- Sabah as long as the West reached either, it means that half of his foot has stepped into the Hall of Fame.

Baseball is better than 21st century era cast to play, strikeout rates have increased steadily each year since the 2006 season, last season, the number of strikeouts per nine innings, averaging reached 8.48. CC- Sabah West Asia as a strikeout pitcher, singular career never led the league in strikeouts last season, but since his rookie season, he is a strong contender for this position.

Baseball rushed to board up the stage to show the dominance of Sabah Valencia

As early as high school, baseball, football, basketball proficient CC- Sabah West was concerned three major league advance scout, the last year of baseball in West Asia Sabah cast terrifying 0.77 earned run average in high school, 45 innings hurricane 82 strikeouts, and was named the best high school football League Division tight end, also received a full scholarship to the University of California, Los Angeles NCAA schools, but the Sabah West was determined to continue to walk the road of baseball, he immediately announced he would skip directly University participate in the MLB draft.

Although not honed through the NCAA, but tall fireball full power and abnormal sharp breaking ball he was a popular figure in the NBA Draft in 1998 NBA Draft, CC- Sabah West Asia to do so https://www.fanstore2.com
in the first round 20th overall won by the Cleveland Indians, earn a high school graduate rare $ 1.3 million signing bonus.

2001 season at Valencia Sabah youngest player identity on the big league, rookie season, will pay out 17 wins and 5 losses impressive record, but unfortunately it is the year the American League Rookie Award competition is too intense, he lost to invincible against Japan god of Ichiro Suzuki.

Then the Sabah West ushered in the peak of his career, as an absolute ace Indian, Sabah West team must eat nearly 200 innings a year, each cast to play duel, he regarded 97 miles / hour fireball to the limit , not afraid to invest in the strike zone and the batter duel, so explosive performances crazy smoke powder, prior to the 2003 season Sabah West all-star team, he has the entire Cleveland iconic https://www.trikotskaufenn.com characters, the whole city was wearing his No. 52 shirt.

The same year’s small emperor James was also expressed in the reporter when the main knight: Sabasia is the iconic figure of Cleveland Sports, I worshipd him.

CC-Sabasia won the Mei League prize in the 2007 season. After the 2008 season, the Milwaukee wineman joined the New York Yangji with $ 71.61 billion. After coming to New York, Sabasia still showed the name of the ace, and the previous five seasons have been paid each year’s good grades. The first season will receive 19 wins again and help the team get the team 27. World Contest Championship. In 2010, I got the Madian Pizza, 2010-12, I was selected for three consecutive seasons. However, in 2014, Sand Bastea met career turning point, followed by injury and venue, and even let him move the end of retirement.


After Sabasia came to Yangji, James also changed the Baseball cap to support idols.

After Sabasia came to Yangji, James also changed the Baseball cap to support idols.

After injury, inspirational returns to lose weight + stopwater out of the haze

The majestic figure has always been a sign of Shabasia. Compared with the NBA player, the size of the 2 meters of Sabasia cannot be high, but his weight is almost more than 140 kilograms of weight. Under the queue, Sabsia will determine to lose weight, not only to reduce the burden on the body when they slow down the pitch, but also to better accompany their families.

Spring 2014, sand gains into sand slimming weight loss weight loss 15 kg, thin Sabasia makes the fans eye bright. Just as everyone expects that when he can show his hand, he has never been powerful, he has gone to the list of injured soldiers in early May. After the injury, the list of https://www.fanstore2.com
injured in Shabuya in July, this is going to reduce the pressure of the right knee, but his knees are unexpected, and they have to receive the artisan race season.

All Yangji fans did not expect the strong Zuoshi, who had rulled Mei Liandong District, and Sabsia did not expect the fans, and he chose alcohol to escape the court.

In 2015, when Yangji and Spaceman killed difficulties, the Yangji boss Shatbacia suddenly announced that he had left the team to go to the alcoholic center, and the move directly welcomed the prostitute criticism. The YES TV host of the foundation also does not retain the disappointment of Sabasia, but Sabasia frankly, like knees injury, tortured himself to collapse. I have no choice but to seek help from the wine center.

After one year, Sabasia officially announced that he got rid of alcohol. https://www.b2bshopp.com After returning to the stadium, his color was also obviously better than that, he also said that the new ball nepon can return to the first round value, the next time will continue to lose weight, for the new ball season Prepare to enjoy the joy of the baseball to yourself in the end of your career.

Yangji Lotting Room Old Big Brother 2019 Fight for the last year

Sabasia, which has been alcoised in the 2016 season, regained the past, although the ball speed did not reach the previous, but he adopted a new ball strategy – voted more Carter ball to swing rather than the opponent as before. The ratio of the quasi-rapid use of four stitching speeds is greatly reduced, and the speed ball is frequently attacked by the Carter ball and the proportion, and the average self-sharing rate of Sabasia has been beautifully 3.https://www.mlbtrojerse.com75, continuing Shimmed on the field.

As the Absolute Old Big Brother, Sabasia, Shabia, led Yang Bay, all the way, I have given up 500,000 US dollars last year, only for the younger brother, there is such a provision in his contract: if the season is full of 155 games, he Will get a reward of $ 500,000. Before the last season, he had accumulated 148 bureaus. Without the formation of 7 bureaus normally, you can get $ 500,000.

In the competition, Sanda Brazia has excellent performance. There is no loss of no loss, and only 2 games left from 500,000 bonuses. The small episode of the competition appeared in the sixth game, the quadruple team capture Luai, was thrown into the ball, and the sixth bureau’s lower half of the Past Parpi Punches directly uses a rare 93 mile / hour speed ball. ” Greeting ”to the opponent, the two sides immediately put the soft sky to prepare the hands. As the result of the processing, Sabsia was arrested by the referee. Before leaving the site, he domineered his finger with a cow shed, waving him farewell to 500,000 US gold bonuses, this Yangji old brother’s face did not regret.

Before the start of the 2019 season, Sabasia held a reporter conference that the 2019 season will be the last year of his career. The old will be in the 19 seasons in the MLB game, first in the Indian people. The little emperor of the year was also turning down the Los Angeles Lakers left Cleveland. The Zhan Huang, which is a hardcore fan, also congratulated Shabia.

”I want to congratulations to Shabacia’s brilliant career. He is not only a great pitcher or a great competitor. As a 19-year CC fan, I have witnessed his love for baseball, and it is possible to see him. I am looking forward to seeing the next chapter of life. Congratulations, my friend. ”

It has reached 3,000 three-vibrate, and the next goal of Shabacia is 250 wins in career. There have been experts to predict that he has the opportunity to get 300 wins, the upcoming Sabasia identified this record, but his career has become a Hall of Fame. He believes that the 2019 season is the champion year of Yangji team, and he will force the final moment of Yangji.

After getting the world contest, the work is awarded the bonus. The old and horizontal alliance will be the best way. The number itself has become a unique existence of the Haomen New York Yangji 100 years.