Japanese duty NPB falls in Fukuoka Soft Bank Eagle achievement 5 years 4 crowns

Beijing time November 3, 2018, the Japanese Professional Baseball League (NPB) of this year came to an end, the Fukuoka Soft Yinker team, who was fighting, 2-0, was sealed in Hiroshima Tongyang squid, with a total score 4-1 won. Japanese champion in Japan (ie, Japan World Competition). Soft Bank played a good catcher Affido in the series, also won the Japanese series MVP.

Japanese series

This time, the Japanese confrontation has this year’s Summer Tong Yin’s feeling of golden foot farmers. The Skill Strong Soft Soft Skin is defending, and as a small market team Hiroshima 3 years two into the finals to make many fans moving. Hiroshima is a team of neutral fans. In addition to the small market team, this team has the most flying fans in full-time, but they can directly The main team is pressed, and the Hiroshima fans never give up when it was hit by heavy rains several times. On the other hand, Hiroshima is a reversal, especially the reversal of 8, 9. In 2016, there were 65 rebounds in Guangjima, and 61 years were held in 17. In a series of in 2017, Guang Island once reversed and sold.

The two teams first battles on October 27th, this day, this day, the Baseball is Saturday, morning MLB’s red socks and Dodge Guild Wars 18, at night Softbank and Hiroshima Guild Wars 12th Bureau final draw. The two sides sent a king card for thousands of ginds and Da Zhizhi. 1 The next half of the chrysanthemum is cold and Songshan Longping knock out, and Hiroshima has got 2-0 lead. When I arrived at the fifth bureau, I was in front of the 2-year-old, and I was knocked out of a wild security. Then Songshan Longping appeared, soft silver 2-2 chased the score, after which both sides did not score, and finally became a flat game . The Second World War continued in Hiroshima, and the two sides sent a respective foreign aid Van Teke and Johnson. 1 The second half of the island Suzuki also saved Hiroshima 1-0 lead, 3 bureaus, Jiahao and Songshan Dragon Pacific Just success, the next half of the 5th Bureau is also re-successful, and Hiroshima 5-0 leads. 7 games, half soft Yinsong Tian Xuan Haoan hit a point, and finally Hiroshima 5-1 won.

The third game is a game with a watershed, and the four games started to send Jii Lian in Hiroshima. 6, halfway, half is also chased by 3-4. Then, the next half of the https://www.maillotspascherfr.com island rescue pitcher Okuma is knocked out 3 different guns by Despan, soft silver 8-3 lead, 7 bureaus, half Island, China Lian Boots are also knocking out a spring gun, and the soft silver 9-3 leads, it seems that the game has lost the suspense. However, the next half of the 8th Bureau, the soft silver pitcher, the roof of the house, began to set the fire, and he was stunned by the Affiliated Friendship. In the last moment, Soft Silver sent to the new and new, also closed. Soft Silver This game extinguished the momentum of Hiroshima counterattack, which makes Soft Silver get a very confident performance in the next game. The big branch will fight to 1-1

The fourth battle of soft and silver first, Dongdong, the humei, the humei, Yushan, Hiroshima, with absolute advantages in the first firing. The game is also not shocked. https://www.maillotsenligne.com The second half of the 3rd games, Lin Chengzhi, a place to make Soft Silver 2-0 lead, 4 games, half-looms, also help Hiroshima retrieved, but then soft silver and then 2 points final 4 -1 wins. The fifth battle is very important. If the Soft Silver Bring 3-1 is returned to Hiroshima, Hiroshima team will fierce. 2 The upper half of the bureau is first for Hiroshima, 4 bureaus, and the middle village swaying, the Soft Bank is better than the ratios, 5 bureaus, Jiahao helped Hiroshima again, 5, the second half, the short half is spent Ervador is at work. Invest and save the soft silver chasing score. 6 bureaus Half a Half of the Zeyi Yiyi is another place to let Hiroshima 4-3 lead, tenacious Soft Silver 7 bureaus is one point by Mingshi Ji Zhi, and the two sides will fight to 4-4 flat. Until the 10th Bureau, the next half Liu https://www.mlbboutique2.com Tian Youqi gave a goodbye to the Yangchun gun termination competition.

Soft silver with 3-1 leader came to Hiroshima, they sent Van Dedhu to first. 4 games, half Liu Tian, ??Yushan, choose to keep the delivery, then Sino-Village swayed to send Liu Tian Yanshang, and then the Sichuan Holy Sacrifice strikes to send the runner to the second and three bases, then Liu Tian Yans is 2 It takes directly to the situation, and a beautiful strike of Xiyutian Zhelang will not catch Liu Tian, ??who can’t catch the building, and the soft silver is on two strikes to sacrifice forced to take 1-0 lead. After the Gla Shar knocked out a Yangchun gun, and finally Soft Silver 2-0 was complete in Hiroshima to win Japanese championship.

Soft Silver Catcher 1 Feduo

Soft Silver Catcher 1 Feduo

Soft silver victory equation

The commonality of baseball motion in the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com world is – the amount of change produces, and therefore, most of the time details determine success or failure. This year MLB lets us remember the active progress of the Red Sox, while the soft silver victory is to fight. Different soft silver in Hiroshima is not good at fighting against wind, the biggest skills of Software Silver will try to score as a mechanical program once there is a chance to score. This aspect is reflected in the whole team very good at sacrifice, soft silver In any case, the execution can form the promotion on the barrier, and the three bases of 1 out of the game can still stand against the forced and compulsory, and the soft silver victory group is very stable. Once the lead is very It’s hard to miss.

In the era of modern baseball, it has begun to pay attention to the defensive value of the team. https://www.fanstore2.com
MLB’s big data research leader Houston spaceman traded the defensive ability to fight against Maldado is a good example, and this year’s season, Daoqi’s Catcher Graniro also makes the fans understand bad catch guards. There is a much more impact on the results of the game. The daily catcher is low, but the ball is excellent. Soft Silver Catcher, Fürtae, also played his skill to blocked the stabil.

The duty competition is different from MLB, and there is less presence, and the inner wild rolling earth has often emerged, and the defensive team has a lot of chances of catching the double kill. In order to avoid the dual kill, the team likes the barter, I like to use the strike, and on the other hand, I’m very close to the key bar. Taking Hiroshima as an example, their core line – Tianzhong auxiliary, Pai Jiahao, Juku Po Yi and the wild Jun Xiangqi contributed 69 pirates, Tanaka Guangfu one person has 32 times. The existence of Fürten has also completely blocks the hopes of Hiroshima, and the pitcher can also vote for some changes in the rear of the rear, and do not worry about the chance of explosion. This is especially important for your spending more important.

Trichtery in the 19th

In 2010, the most successful team after 2010 is undoubtedly Fukuoka Soft Yining Eagle, 11-18 eight years, soft silver, a five champion of 11, 14, 15, 17, and 198. And the 2013 and 2016, the 2013 and 2016, respectively, the Orthodox family of Lotte, the Japanese ham, the Japanese ham, which means that the current duty will not appear in the field of the big League ace, the big League, Xiangping, the Daily Valley. Soft silver can be dominated.

Soft Bank received the original Fukang Datong Eagle team since 2005. In 2008, Silver bid farewell to the 14-year Wang Zhizhi era, and reloaded after a short trough. In 2010, Silver is a champion of Yonglian Regular Finals, but unfortunately, the playoff defeated by Rod. In 2011, Silver Silver Silver Silver, Hengbin, introduced the sinch of Sinai, and immediately won the Yonglian MVP with 0.338, combined with a single season of 25 bombings, and the long-winning rate is as high as 0.51. String. On the hands of the hand, soft and silver owners and Tian Yi, Schinnes, Haton, three self-blades, and Soft Silver, the Soft Bank, who is good, finally won 11 years of championship. In 11 years, the two important players in Software and Yin Dynasty – Liu Tian Yansheng and Zhongcun have arrived in a military, laid the foundation for their future hegemony.

After the field of the main landing MLB in 2014, the Ocean was again returned to the control of Softbank. They have 5 regular game hits in 0.3 or more. Liu Tian Youqi, Zhongcun Shao, Sagawa, Li Dahao and Changgu Chuan Yong), with the outstanding play of the line to win the Japanese Japan, and that year Extending an excellent Ovice pitcher gold kusow can no longer return to the peak. In 2015, the Wiekang took the team, that is a year of the big Valley Xiangjiao, but fortunately the Rhodes have eliminated the ham in the playoffs, and the soft silver will win Rod and finally get Japan.

After a year of 2016, the Soft Bank of 17 Years will rely again, and they have added the playoffs, and they have three sinks in the playoffs. The self-sharing rate is 3.3 or less (Thousands of congratulations, Dongdong, and Van Dehu), and they still have an invincible Terminator Safatie. It is worth mentioning that in Japan, Soft Bank has ushered in Yokohama Bay Star, which is unbelievable, but the championship of Sheng Yichun and Yokohama will eventually win the victory.

After the opening season of this year, Soft Silver is full of manifestation, but the class who won the championship last year still guarantees that the strength of Soft and Silver is not shake. Liu Tian Yanshang regular season is worth 0.352, and Soft Bank has added foreign aid Glashar, which is the key home homer in his sixth battle to help Soft Silver lays a victory.

The first referral name of the ham stroke, this year, Hui Fitian Hui Xing

The first referral name of the ham stroke, this year, Hui Fitian Hui Xing

Future lookout

After the Tianzhong is in the Dae Da, the next will challenge the Soft Soft Dynasty, who will challenge the soft silver dynasty? Is the ham team playing outstanding Shangze this year, or the first referring to this year’s ham is Noshui? And the CCB has not tasted the taste of winning for 8 years, when can the Sailing Giant be returned? Can a strong enthusiasm for the playoffs in the playoffs? Can Softbank completed the first three consecutive championships in the history of the team? These questions can only wait until the next season’s NPB curtain kicked off.