Japanese Legend returns to the venue guides American star team big valley Xiang flat idol why conquered MLB?

Hideki Matsui as Japan MLB American star team tournament a base instructor

Hideki https://www.maillotsenligne.com Matsui as Japan MLB American star team tournament a base instructor

At the venue of MLB, there is a leader in New York Yangji team, and people who are not asked in Asian faces as the American star team. He is the Japanese legendary player, the angel team Da Gu Xiangping’s idol, Matsi Xi Xi .

There is a magnificent legendary story behind this uncle.

Back to the World Competition of November 4, 2009, New York’s night is already in the winter to the scene, but in the newly completed Yangji Stadium, almost not feels cold, and the crowd will look at the crowd. The boiling boom, their enthusiasm is completely ignited, and there is a rhythmistly shouted: ”MVP! MVP! MVP!” And in the center of the spotlight, an oriental person standing on the second base, there is no expression, ringing The sound of the whole court is full of ears, as if this is all without any association.


The score of 1: 7 is shown on the big screen, which is a great leading advantage for the baseball. However, this person in a stripe is not satisfied, it seems that there seems to be in the case of how to advance to the home, so that the division will continue to expand. He must be very careful, he is 35 years old, two knees have been moved, and it can’t run too fast. In any case, he is eager to win this game, achieving a promise he has been a year ago.

Hideki Matsui won the 2009 World Series MVP

Hideki Matsui won the 2009 World Series MVP

This silent man is a New York Yangji player, 55, five, designated blow. He is now just a step away from the World Competition. Although it is possible to spend longer than he to make a long time, he has paid more costs, and even he doubizes that he can’t do it. In any case, the end point is already in front of his eyes, he will never let this opportunity.

For this https://www.mlbtrikot4.com moment, Matsui Xi Xi is too long.

Really talent? Matsui first body weight will reach 190 pounds of the first three to play a ball 130 meters

Songjingxi is born on June 12, 1974, is born in Shichuan County, it is the second child. There is a very large when the birth is very large, and the weight is 3960 grams. When he is three years old, the garden is surprised to say that the Matsi ”is like 8 years old” is the biggest child they have received. .

Many American native baseball superstar teenagers often participate in multiple projects, oluntary double repairs, and the three repairs are extremely common. Taking a small small Mattling Matsui also belongs to this type. In addition to the baseball, he is very good at judo. At the primary school, the champion of the United States will, and three in the county. This amazing thing in the Taoist, the eight sides of his prestige, is unstoppable in the baseball court, and his https://www.mlbdrakterno.com strong hit is a bit too violent for the primary school stadium.

In junior high school entry, there has been 170 cm high, 95 kilograms, and the Matsisher at this time faces the hardships of the baseball or judo, compared with the baseball, the Matsi, which is more than the highlight of the parents of the hometown. However, after all, the greed is not bad, and the Matsi is thinking about the judo, concentrate on the baseball.

Matsui young

Matsui young

The Matsi is a book from the coach. The world’s professional home base is recorded in the book of Wang Zhizhi, after a study, the Matsi is in the hit concept of Wang Zhizhi, and it is hard to practice. Bubble and scars, the ball is also bloody. The improvement of the hikes in the second grade is 60% of the hits in the second grade, and the ball can be hit to 130 meters.

After entering high school, the Matsushi Yongxian, the traditional baseball strong school star, and the traditional baseball strong school star colleges and universities, the ability of Zhimao in Zhimao, constantly persuade him to transfer school, finally successfully recruited him. At that time, Matsi still had a weight of 90 kilograms, and the Matsi Well struggled to 80 kg under the requirements of the coach under the mountain.

After the transfer, Matsi quickly showed excellent talents, first served as pitcher, quickly turned into a base, and became a stroke. I just got a ”horrible star rumor”, ”monster Matsumi” title, and the hitting 140 meters.

1992 Matsui

1992 Matsui

At high school, he shouted the first home run in Jiki, and he accumulated 60 in the high school era. The body test of the summer team, the back force of the Matsi is 250 kg, the bed push reaches 150 kg (to know that the level of NFL players will be up and down), so the amazing data is evaluated as ”Qingyuan and the second person” (Clear career hit 525 strokes in the Japanese rod, the fifth in history. Before the start of the Jie Ziyuan selection competition, the media described Matsi in ”Cosla”, which also became an almost of his entire career.

However, the most classic moment of the Matsushita Well is not to win the Jiayuan champion, or hit a large number of home run, but from a loss. The second round of the third summer, the second round of the opponent Mingde, ordered the pitcher as long as the Pine well is deliberate.

When the first time I deliberately, the audience is still understandable. When the second time delivery is dissatisfied, it is necessary to know that many viewers are rushing to Coslan, but the third time, the fourth time Ming Deyi, still resolutely performing tactics. The angry audience threw the globes into the stadium, shouting in Mingde, ”Rolling back!” The final Mingde is defeated with 3: 2, and Matsi helplessly bid farewell to his armor career.

Domestic goddess performance conquered MLB giants 21 million contract signing Yangji

Matsui Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi, in November 1992, was first referred to in the four teams, and finally the Selling the giants were over 100 million yen (according to the current exchange rate of more than 1 million US dollars). The first year of annual salary of 7.2 million yen is signed.

Ji Zhi wants to break the giant’s name of Wang Zhizhi single season 55-bombing, the Matsui chose this figure as the title of him to enter the career, and the position on his field is also adjusted to the field. In the 1993 season, Matshi was in poor performance in the preseason. Later, he raised his army. He won the balance of payments and receipts. The next day, he hit his head. I have got 11 bangs in the end of the season.

In the 1994 season, Matsushi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi will be selected for the first time, and become the top all-star four sticks in the history of CCL. Since the MLB positive strike, hundred bored American baseball fans will invest in the opposite side of the Pacific, and the Matsishe entered the vision of the big alliance.

After the first taste, Matsui Xi Xi is unable to make up, in 1996, I got the year MVP. In 1998, I asked the Battle of the Battle, and he was in 2000, 2002, two degrees, MVP and home hits And get your own second and third Japanese championships. Ten years of Japanese rod career, he won the entire alliance at least three times in the number of times, score, homissue number, point, check, layout rate, long throw rate, etc. On July 9, 2002, he hit the 300th project of his career, second only to the world’s own barrier, the book is 27 years old and 3 months old.

In the 2002 season, the Sailing Giant defeated Qi Yumi Wushu to win Japan. After the game, Matsui Xiuxi officially announced the exercise of free players rights, with New York, a $ 21 million contract.

Matsui joined Yankee

Matsui joined Yankee

The Matsi is hitting 55 as his back of the Yangji. When he was put on this striped shirt, he made a more important commitment: win the championship for New York Yangji.

In order to achieve this commitment, Matshawi struggled for seven years.

In the beginning, the Great League has a bitterness of him.

Songjing Xi Xi’s big profit has a good start. He won the first place in his career in the first game and the first point of view.

However, the new show wall of the Matsi is also coming, and the entire rookie season he has suffered from the two-rare sewing straight border in NPB. Suddenly broke out in June, the monthly bombing 29 points. Although the across the Songjing all-year attack index is only 0.788, he has shown a key to the key, and he played 40 points and rely on teammates. He has accumulated 106 points in the rookie season, and successfully selected all stars, regardless A grade that can be explained.

Matsui fans

Matsui fans

After the end of the regular season, Yangji was quite incorporated into the season in 101 wins. The overall medium of Matsi Xi Xi’s performance was spent in the 17th game. On the World Competition, on the venue of the arms of the murders, Yangji has achieved 2-1 lead, but the Marin fish will then connect three. For the failure of the last two games, there is a certain responsibility of the Matsushita, and he has no more than 9 tits, and he won the murry to win 4-2.

In the 2005 season, Matsui won the most high 0.305 hits and 116 points. However, this year, Matsui Xi Xi Xi is a mess in the playoffs, and the first round of Yang is eliminated by angel. However, in general, Costla is still sitting in the center of Yangji. In the 2004 season, his victory contributed 5.0, the team is high, the 2005 season is 4.5, the fourth high. In view of his three years of stability, Yangji has a 4-year $ 52 million prolong contract, and awarded the right to reject the trading of Matsi (ie, the player may not trade it).

In the 2006 season, it was bitter to Matsi, and he wounded when he met on the game on May 11th.



In the 2007 season and the 2008 season, the two knee drops of the Matsumi received surgery, and the race was also affected. In 2008, Matshae Breakfasts started from July to the designated blow. These two years are also very difficult, and a round of tour in the third consecutive season in the 2007 season, the Matsi is awkward, and the 2008 season Yangji is a fifteenth year. The playoffs.

Renewal of the flag drum to return to the World Contest to win the battle

With the opening of Xinyangji Stadium, the second-year head coach Joe-Girandi leads a new beginning. First, he is a throne, the trump, the king pitcher, CC-Shabuya and the leader, and the two people provoke the ball and hit the girders, the introduction of another first firing AJ-Bernit And the owner of the Nick-Shi Wei is also the same strength.

Yankee immediately usher in the year of explosive, the entire Yankee hit the main line, in addition to a bar shortstop Derek Jeter, and nine bars of center fielder Cabrera, everyone at least blasted 20 home runs, the team return to the playoffs.

After the 4-2 defeat the menacing Los Angeles Angels, Yankees World Series smooth cut. Matsui understand that this is his second World Series, which also may be he played for the Yankees the last few games.

Coach Girardi Matsui perhaps do not trust the state, until the second field, Matsui was ushered opportunity to show that he first hit a base hit in the second inning, homered and knocked in the final stage of the game, let the Yankees the lead for the first time in the 2009 World series, and the series 1-1 to regain the situation.

The two sides third game in eight innings on Matsui hit a pinch-hit solo shot in the opposite direction, to help the team win. Sixth game, he blasted out of cannons two points. Celeron series final group with a total score of 4-2 Ones’s first nine years, and it is twenty-seven World Series in team history championship. Matsui wild celebrations together as a designated hitter and his teammates, he finally realized seven years ago promise.

The MVP award ceremony part no suspense, Hideki Matsui with 3 home runs and 8 RBI, 2.027 of total average to become the first full-time designated hitter in the history of the MLB World Series MVP, and this was also the first Asian player award.

He removed three teams to play a much loved honorable discharge heat

Matsui has played for the Angels in 2010

Matsui has played for the Angels in 2010

However, business is business, after all, did not retain Yankee Hideki Matsui, and much-needed slugger intends to open up Asian markets to recruit him to the Los Angeles Angels array. Coincidentally, angel happens to be home to the 2010 season opener of the Yankees visiting team in the pre-game championship ring presentation ceremony, the audience welcomed with enthusiasm angel dressed in shirt Matsui, many fans and even moved to tears .

Grow older Matsui played in the 2010 season still far from satisfactory, 84 RBI and 21 bombers, the total average 0.820.2011 season for the Oakland Athletics, he inevitably ushered in a cliff fall, total average fell to only 0.696, which basically sentenced to end his career.

Played for the Rays period Matsui

Played for the Rays period Matsui

Hideki Matsui 2012 season was deserted, only adhere to self-training. May he joined the light, return to the first play after the two seats is divided guns, guarding the two days he starting left fielder, and hit a two-point shot. Such a performance for him and the team to bring a bit of confidence, but the subsequent two months, his performance deteriorated, not to mention home runs, batting average is also hard to find. July because of a left thigh injury, Matsui hit consecutive 18 seats no-hitter, Ray reluctantly released him.

The end of the year, Hideki Matsui officially announced his retirement, a total of 10-year MLB career he played for the Yankees, Angels, Athletics and light, the 1236 field season, a total of 175 home runs, 760 RBI, batting 0.282. The following year he signed with the Yankees minor league contract one day.

July 29, the 55th season of Yankee home, re-covered with striped shirt number 55 of Hideki Matsui returned to Yankee Stadium held a retirement ceremony, officially bid farewell to his career in Yankee fans cheering in.

Yankee Hideki Matsui retired No. 55 jersey

Yankee Hideki Matsui retired No. 55 jersey

After retiring Matsui does not idle, he was actively involved in baseball and charity, to help a lot of poor children and poor conditions. In 2002 he was a guest at the Toho movie ”Godzilla Godzilla war” his own, teach children to play baseball, ”Hideki Matsui” in the stadium to hear the sirens, and quickly gathered everyone together to a safe area. Matsui’s life and his character as simple low-key, he did not like marriage with actress Like many baseball players, when he married in 2008, and even his wife’s name, residence and appearance were not disclosed, but showed reporters a Zhang wife pencil portrait.

2018 MLB All-Star team’s visit to Japan and the Japanese Samurai Tournament expansion, Hideki Matsui wrap up base shirt, MLB All-Star team as a guide to first base to return home. Event broadcast component party also seems to know Matsui, whether something all right to Matsui frequently shot. Matsui was streaked with gray temples of holding peaceful expression, standing quietly at first base side, watching the younger players with major league home with joy eyes come and play back, it seems to have no serious runner in command, he has probably wander back to his youth and, at the Tokyo Dome fighting scenes it!

Decade career gunner can establish a benchmark Asian successors

Then, as Hideki Matsui Asians why success in MLB harvest it?

Overall, Asia MLB hitters want to form a long fight force level there are two obstacles, one is born Asians in power generally inferior to Europeans and Americans, although Hideki Matsui physique is amazing in Japan, but in North America and It does not belong to excel.

Second, the pitcher’s ball as good as Asia MLB level, which means that the game level is not enough. In contrast, Asia hitter Hideki Matsui as a template can be said to set a very high benchmark. Although his famous home run, but he was a clever hitters in NPB era, it has a decent batting average. His biggest hit is not totally dependent on the power of Ying Kang, relying instead on precise shots create a strong rotation, so that the ball has a longer hang time, nature will be able to fly farther to form a long fight. These are all worthy Asia hitter, or some innate power hitters insufficient to fully learn valuable experience.

This year’s ”two knives flow” boy genius Shohei Otani into the MLB, and hit both in the case of certain pitching work out 21 home runs in his rookie season, he broke the rookie record in Asia hitters. Perhaps the character and Matsui had the same humble youth to become under a heavy artillery-type hitters from across the Atlantic, the continuation of baseball glory Asia.