Jin Yong football first period: Qiao Feng corresponds to C Luo? NO, C Luo does not match, Qiao Feng corresponds to this superstar!

Jin Yong football first – hero Qiao Feng corresponds to C Luo? NO, C Luo does not match, Qiao Feng corresponds to this superstar!

Flying snow, the white deer, the laughter of the book, leaning against the brief, plus a short ”Yuejian”, constitutes a magnificent Jin Yong martial arts world.

Jin Yong’s martial arts is the favorite person’s favorite, dd sahyadri 9.30 news today there are too many characters in their powerful charm, making people obsessed. The Hero Gaifeng’s Qiao Feng, a lot of roles such as Wei Xiaobao, who is a national as the people of Guo Jing, the Wei Xiaobao of the Machine Slim.

And the football is the same, football is the first big movement of humanity, the history of more than a hundred years, emerges in countless superstars, galloping in the green field, with a superb skill, create a wonderful drama, these pictures People have a long time in their minds, becoming an eternal classic.

Then we have a class ratio of Jin Yong Qun Xia and the football superstars, look at our favorite superstars and the favorite martial arts characters, who is more matching.

In the first phase, I came to a heavy figure, and the first hero of Jin Yong Qiao Feng Qiao Gang.

Qiaofeng Wugong, Zhiyong is full, courageous, heroic, not angry. There is a sense of love, he is unscrupulous to A Zhu Jian, and the brothers are rising, the life is rough, and the chest is strong, and the people are swallowed. In order to save the world, they are self-destruction. The tragic hero of the nation.

Such a top hero is that the general figure cannot match. Some people say that C Luo is Qiao Feng, which is simply an insult to Qiao Feng.

Qiaofeng loves to love and loves A woman in his life.

C Luo is a flower bonus, a girlfriend has changed a circle, four children, three moms, and is alleged to rape scandals.

Qiaofeng’s brother’s brother is first, it is the rivers and lakes of everyone.

C Luo grabbed Egua, kicking the latter, after the teammates, almost everyone is alienated, and there is no friendly friends.

Qiaofeng served as a gangster and the king of the Liao Guo Nanyuan, the business is excellent, and the team manages well.

C Roto anger the captain’s armband, and the teammates are not as good as they.

Qiao Feng fought and looked up with the battle, never win in despicable means.

C Roto is a boxing kick, and the diving and liary is more than the top existence of history.

Qiao Feng is wide, and it is not arrogant.

C Luo won me is the first second third in history, and it is, it is, I am jealous.

Qiao Feng is a matter of life, is a low-key, homage is high, and it is a piece of people underneath.

C Luo Yicheng, high-profile, and the teammates can’t play a piece.

Qiao Feng is straight, there is a saying, and it is good.

C Luo Xin machine, paying out, first said that teammates are not as good as they, the pressure is too stressed, and it is said to be healthy.

The main thing, Qiao Feng’s personality is unlimited, he is a common, for the world, voluntarily abandoning self-life.

C Luo Yin is self, …

I don’t want to listen to it again, or that sentence, people like C Luo can take the case than Qiao Feng, and it is definitely the selection of the blind generation.

People are fascinated: You are a plum powder, you must say Messi!

Messi? Less likely. In addition to the use of Qiaofeng, Messi, other, whether it is an external image, or acting, or technical characteristics, it is more than 100,000 miles with Qiao Feng.

Qiao Feng and Messi are all two people.

So such a tall Qiao Feng, the hero and tragic Qiao Feng, who can match the football?

In today’s football, no one is comparable, above history, thinking about it, only Battist Tower can barely match.

Batti Outer War God, Argentina in the superstar gathered is also a legendary figure, although he is not the strongest, but it is absolutely the most special one.

Batty martial arts is completely just a mammoth, breaking through the hometown of the tiger, and the rapid shot is even more powerful, and the stone is shocked, full of violent beauty. Bati Goal is the most exciting of the most exciting signature of the football.

This is the same as Qiaofeng. Qiaofeng martial arts is not complicated, but his dragon 18 palm is the first palm of the world. It is just strong.

Batty is sad, the ultimate goal of the Argentine is a great cup, but Bati participates in the World Cup three times, and the results are only on top 8. Batty has been in the world, and it is a two-year completed hat trick, the history is unique, but the data is not important for him, miss the World Cup, is his life.

Batty career golden period is in Florence, but 9 years, 200 + goals, Bati failed to help Florence won the league champion. Then I turn to Rome, although I won the League champion, I got the club to high honor, this kind of emotional and reality contradictory, let his inner fall into entangled. On behalf of Rome, Rome broke Florence, the tears of the flow was the external performance of entanglement.

Qiao Peak was famous in the big Song, but he is a hot series online free Qidan. He is just a grass in the Song Dynasty, and he helped the Lord. A person’s glory peak. This contradiction between this emotion and reality also allows Qiao Feng to fall into incomparable entanglement.

Batty and his wife Qingmeizhu Ma, two people were married when Bati was 17 years old, and the wife was only 15 years old. In the next 24 years, two people are also the fairy of the football, Bati is also a model of the football man. However, after the appearance, Batti has divorced his wife because of the wedding circumstance, which crresses people’s wishes and affects Batty’s image.

This is also the biggest difference between Batty and Qiaofeng.

When I just wrote, I always want to put this round of the past. Now I wrote here, I suddenly want to understand, this does not have to circle. Batt wedding is derailed, and it is a fascinating couple who loves the 24 years. samachar com breaking news This is a regret of the football world. It is also his personal regret. What is Qiao Feng?

He is in love with A Zhu, this is a rivers and lakes, but the isola is incorrect, and the fate is good. It is his heart. And this paragraph is also a pity in all Jin Yongfei.

Qiaofeng’s tragedy is in life, with him to commit suicide as the end, he handed his life to the chaos. Batty’s tragedy ends, it is actually at the expense of installing artificial ankles. Many years of training competition, I have long been overwhelmed by his ankle. After retiring, it will experience such pain, Batty’s career tragic color is too strong.

Finally, Batty and Qiaofeng in the shape of the shape, but also it.

Qiao Feng first appeared for the first time, Duan Yu saw such a person: ”The body is very supple, thirty years old, wearing a gray old robes, has been slightly broken. Extra eyebrows, today’s national news of india high nose, A four-party national character face, quite a color color, and the idea of ??it is very powerful. ”

Duan Yu’s heart secretly drunk: ”A big man! This is a generosity of Yan Zhao Bei Guo’s sorrow. No matter the Jiangnan or Dali, there will be such a person. Dafan, it is called the ’-British’ four words! ”

Batty’s image is the representative of the football, and his body is torch, and a long-term flying dance is even more difficult. Batty has a man hormone in Batti compared to C Luo.

Such contrast, tragic hero Qiao Feng, only Batty can correspond.

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