Jinmen Hu owe only a fee, Chinese football foam is destroyed, and who can solve the chicken hair

Recently, the football club Jinmen Hu was sent out of the money rumor, and then the well-known football reporter Lu Mei confirmed this news in the ”Football News”. According to this report, the Tikami players said in September. There is no full distribution, but the ”living expenses” of the players have sent 10,000 yuan.

In fact, Jintang has been caught in the crisis from the TEDA period in the first two years, but only after a torment of this year, they actually ushered in miraculous death. This time I fell into a whirlpool again, it is just that it is back to the light, even if it is difficult to pass this year, it may also support it.

In fact, Chinese health news today football clubs that are caught in the business crisis are not a small number, even if they don’t raise most of the unsuckwalk, the Super League will also entered the end of their lives.

Jiangsu Suning Tesco, Hebei Huaxia Happiness, Tianjin TEDA, Tianjin TEDA, has disappeared from people’s field of view. The pride in Guangzhou, the pride of Guangzhou, has recently been caught in the verge of breaking the bankrupt, if it is not the Football Association to help, perhaps this team has already been disbanded.

There is no doubt that it is like Spain’s ”Ast” said that Chinese football foam is destroyed.

It is far more than ten years ago, Guangzhou Evergrande took the lead in the superior Jinyuan football, after they received the top honors of China and Asia, countless capital begins to fight into the middle and super, all kinds of high-priced superstars have been heavy in China, Chinese football has made a false picture of a fake.

With the China Real Estate Industry in recent years, the Zhongchao club invested in a large number of real estate companies has also entered the operation and even unsubstantially, the players have high salary, the team income is less, and the new Football Association leaders vigorously promote capital. If you rule all the clubs to change the name, it will become a fluff in a place.

There were a football person who had a vibration and praised: Why is the same capital, the Premier League can develop now, but the superchar is only left to the whole Chinese football?

The answer to this question is complex, all-round, and behind the backwardness of the overall Chinese football.

From the fora level, my country’s population base is large, but the number of fans and the proportion of the proportion is far less than most countries in foreign countries. When the paid football game is broadcast, there are even a few people willing to pay. The number of people at home, the number of viewers at home is also extremely limited. Such a football environment is difficult to develop a professional football like Europe, South America.

From the football team, they always put the focus on how to earn more money and make the club, journey five dresses players earn less money, and a series of policies issued are infringed on the benefits of the subordinate club, this original inverted behavior will cause Today’s evil. If the Football Association can develop youth training wholeheartedly, strive to attract more fans to see the super competition with reasonable propaganda, maybe today’s Chinese football will be much better.

From the player level, in the current China Football Club, there are too many players who don’t ask for up, don’t think, just think that high salary is mixed in China. Not fans morally kidnapped, but we really need more Wu Lei, more dream people.

After the end of this season, there will be many clubs will disappear from the world of fans, and the winter of Chinese football is far from the coldest. Just when spring is coming, will paper hindi mein spring really come? This is no one knows the question of the answer.