Jordan abandoned small, Vogel was a change in the lineup, the Lakers defensive end changed as a detachment

NBA regular season continues today, the Lakers go away to the Kings, and ultimately their complete reversal in the second half in the first half behind a big deficit, the road to 117: 92 victory over the Kings, James missed the game, but Westbrook and Davis scored 48 points total of two people. Substitute end Munch single scored 22 https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.compoints, the game for the Lakers this season, has great significance, because the first time they changed the Lakers traditional way of employment, and achieved very good results.

Today, Xiao Jordan was only for 4 minutes, and the Lakers in the second half changed their starting lineup. Howard was mentioned in the first position. Today, Howard has been played 35 minutes to get 12 points and 13 rebounds 2 steals 2 enveloped all-round data, the positive and negative value is high, the team is high. Howard’s excellent performance is obviously the key to the competition lake team to win, especially in the third section Howard’s performance in the defensive end, helping the Lakers will compete for the score even. The game Vogel finally hang of it, know how to change the court defensive team, the fans feel at seeing them like
a different team on the defensive end after the Lakers in the second half of the game.

Xiao Jordan has always had problems with his attitude on the defensive end, and the anti-stop removal is basically white. However, Howard is different. Howard’s defensive enthusiasm in the field and his efforts are not compared with Xiaordan, and Howard is not comparable to Xiaordan’s inside his card and defensive experience. Now Howard is still existed in the inner linear box ability. Today, the third quarter will send a big hat to the other party, it is a good certificate.

The Lakers played their tenacious defense in the third quarter, which is why they can be able to exceed the score in the second half. We know that the Lakers have always been a team with defensive attacks. Today, the Lakers laid the defensive tone in the third quarter, make them more resolute in the offensive end. This game is more decisive to impact the basket in the offensive end, and Davis is very tough in the inside line. After changing the defensive lineup, they stabilized the situation on the field, and further occupying the active on the field through the strong attack of Davis, which is the right way to win the lake.

So we have always emphasized that the Lakers’ teams appear in the defensive end. Xiao Jordan should not give too much play time, Howard should get Warger’s reuse. If Walgel will also draw experience after this game, give Howard more play time.