Just 1 full 16 games! Giants four points to see hope in the desperation

October 9 (Wen / ESPN Jordan Raanan Compile / Love) After the fourth week, the New York Giants’ second-grade quarter Swanier Jones have completed their 16th regular season. There is no doubt that after Elays Manning is retired, the giant has officially entered the era of Jones, and 16 games can be analyzed as a season sample, but Jones is not enough persuasion.

After 16 games, Jones’ s performance brought some hope, but it didn’t seem to make people pay tribute to him. 604 times of passing 372 times successfully, promoted 3899 yards, pass the success rate of 61.6%, 26 passes reached the ball, 2 shots to the ball; but also 17 times of copying, 20 times lost 12 times lost the ball . This is a bad? In addition to 28 times of 29 incorrect mistakes and 3 wins and 13 negative records, he is better than the first 16 games of Xiao Manning.

However, after the first issue, Jones 53.6’s quarter-branch (QBR) is only ranked 23rd in 34 quartz, and this data is not satisfactory. It is better than enough than the upper than the lack of lack of lack of 34 people. The last one is his sympathy – Washington 4-point Guide Wein – Haskins, the latter score is only 29.0.

So Jones is very bad? Coaches who often deal with quartz guards in a career: ”Jones will be better, he has no problem.” In his eyes, Jones is a strong, smart and sports ability, good, there is Excellent professional ethics and good character. And ESPN analysts, the former NFL quartz Weiioovsky also has changed the views of Jones. At first, after the first round of the giant, he selected Jones, he had strongly attacked the giants.

Olovski believes that Jones don’t work, he has considered Jones’ still conclusions from arm strength, pass accuracy, toughness, psychological quality, and inside and outside the pocket. ”I know him more than the original draft, and he has a lot of quarter-saving necessary quality, and has broken some questions.”

However, Olovsky is still worried about whether Jones is excellent enough, whether it can be able to play some explosive offensive, whether it is possible to stabilize the mentality when scoring. And from the past game, his first reading problem seems to be very prominent. And Jones also knows this issue.

”When I took the ball, I was still improving, but I did think that I have made some progress, there are a lot of progress at this point.” Jones said.

His sports ability is also very good, running 416 yards, but from the game situation, his running is more in order to escape, not for passing. This is just the opposite of some of the top quadruptions in the alliance.

This season Jones Pocket Pass 17 passed 8, only the 40 yards did not reach the account, it was transmitted 2 copies. This giant’s tactics may need to take back some pots, because since Jones started, he has been killed 52 times, and the Matt-Lian, which is in the same period, has become the highest in the same period.

”His sports ability makes people look bright, it looks very hopes.” A NFL executive said, ”But he is in front of him, but he is in pressure, and his own handling There are also some problems. ”There is no star running to Karsli, the giant is hard to find a Population point to share the pressure of Jones, and the sluggage of the team’s attack also shows the problem. After 4 games this season, they only have only 11.8 points.

However, the giant is far from giving up Haaskins like Washington. ”Listen, if you ask me Daniel is not our quarter-saving, I can tell you, he is, he will lead our team to advance.” The giant coach Joe-Jiaqi said. ”We support him, we have confidence in him. He is still a young man who is growing, and every day is progressing. He is really a bit flaw, but this is where our coach needs efforts, we need to create him more Be outstanding. I don’t know if there is a standard definition of the first quarter-saving quality, but I am sure Daniel is our quarter. ”