Kick! 2021 NFL Waist Flag Football Tournament officially started!

2021 NFL Waist Flag Football Tour

At this weekend that has just passed, the 2021 NFL Waist Flacily Beijing Fair is in full swing, which is also open for this championship. The U7 group of the Beijing Division and the U10 group have decided to win, while other groups will begin in the next few weekend.

Although in the last weekend, the participation in the competition is less than 10 years old, but they also show their style on the game. Hold happiness while playing a wonderful performance.

Do you believe that these two wonderful tactics are played by children who are less than 10 years old? !

What is a waist flag?

Waist football is a 5V5-safe unhealthy sport, aims to promote the values ??of young leadership and team spirit through sports, and cultivate the values ??of lifelong benefits, including respect, toughness, integrity and responsibility. Waist flag rugby is popular all over the world, and it has been promoted in China in 2003, which is deeply loved by the teachers and students of the majority of schools.

In terms of rules, the waist flag rugby is similar to American full equipment rugby. The biggest difference is that the waistball rugby eliminates the collision of full equipment, and more emphasizes the safety of the game. All equipped football in the defensive, in addition to the intense movement of the mask and helmet hit helmet, the most important point is that at all costs will hold the ball. However, the waist flag is not, each player’s waist is two waist, and the defenders only need to pull the ball’s waist, that is, the debate is over. Any unnecessary physical contact is considered a foul.

Therefore, the waist ball is also more friendly for novices. You don’t have to spend a big price to buy expensive equipment into the helmet shoulder, you can join; don’t necessarily need a strong body to hit the opponent; there is no limit to the age and gender, no matter whether the men and women can participate.

Don’t forget, the World Games that will be held in Alabama in the United States in July 2022 also intended the waist ball in the competition!

The competition in the Shanghai Division is about to begin.

In addition to our previous disciplines will continue to play this weekend, the competition in the Shanghai Division will also start the first shot on this weekend. Location will be in Shanghai Citizen Sports Park Football Park at No. 999 Anchen Road, Jiading District, Shanghai. Players who participated in the competition remember that they arrived on time, don’t be late! If you want to watch the battle, the fans who have explored also welcome to the scene! We haven’t seen you this weekend!

We don’t see it on the court!