Kicking football in the fields ~ Chengdu new capital "Chinese peasant harvest festival" is very busy!

Golden wind is cool, Dangui and the fruit of the fruit, the Xiangcheng welcomes the annual harvest season. On September 23, 2021 ?? ?? Sichuan · New Complete ”China Farmers Harvest Festival” and Sichuan ”100 City Qianwan Village · Community” five-person affordable football league launching ceremony was held in Sanhe Village, Zhuzhuyuan Street, Xindu aaj tak live delhi election District, Chengdu. In 2021, Sichuan Province ”Baicheng Qianwan Village · Community” five-person affordable football league was also officially launched, and the kicking ceremony was carried out. In the face of all ordinary people, the competition will go to the field of the field.

At the launching ceremony, the new capital has been commended to the country’s revitalization of Ten Talent Representatives and the anti-hypophoretic provision of advanced agricultural operations. Also, the person in charge of the New Executive Agricultural Rural Area has released and promoted the modern agricultural project of the new dainik aaj capital.

Golden rice, heavy new popplicks, kiwi, crystal clear grapes, etc., street special agricultural and sideline products, through large screen exhibitions in front of the audience. In addition to characteristic agricultural and sideline products, bamboo garden street gathered music, sports, literary and other multi-elements, promoting rural industries to climb the high end of the value chain, and construct a fusion development demonstration belt with the integration of the Northern Extension of Tianfu Avenue.

At the start of the ceremony, in 2021, the peasant harvest festival was officially opened. In 2021, the ”100 eureka forbes aquaguard customer care City Qianwan Village”, the community ”, the five-person affordable football league, also officially launched and carried out the ball.

It is understood that Sichuan Province ”Hundreds of Thousand Villages, Community”, live new today in hindi and the Sichuan Provincial Surgement Football League is hosted by the Sichuan Sports Bureau and Sichuan Sports Association, facing all ordinary people, and puts the football competition to the fields of the field. . This year’s event will be fully covered to 183 counties (cities, districts) in Sichuan Province, which is expected to have more than 100,000 teams to participate.

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