King of reversing! Warriors 6 times in the season, the two numbers, the winners, the Lakers, etc.

Beijing time on November 26th, who is the most popular team this season? Jinzhou Warrior is naturally the most thought of the team. According to the US media ESPN, the Warriors have two two digits behind six games this season. All completed the wins up to 100% losses, including the wonderful drama of the Lakers and Bulls.

When the Warriors have no two consecutive seasons, the court will open the outside world is not optimistic about the prospects of the warrior, and there is no launch of the Warriors into the struggle. Just the first 18 games in the season, the Warrior Hao 16 wins and 2 loss records, the team’s 4th time, the dream opening, the top 3, all the finals, and two of them won.

Today, the Warriors have a number of data high-level alliances, and their super strong toughness is also convincing, so that the Warriors are recognized will be a powerful compete for the championship.

According to the data statistics of ESPN, the Warriors have six times in the game, and the final warriors complete the reversal winning. According to the reversal division rankings, 19 points reverse the
Eagle, 15 points Reversing the Thunder, 13 points reversing the knight, 10 points reversing the bull and 10 points reversing the Lakers.

It is to know that all teams of all teams will return the two-digit reversal rate of all teams this season, only the zone 23.7%, and the warriors up to 100% reverse revocation rate is naturally a warrior, especially the Warriors. The three festivals have repeatedly played ”brave three crazy”, and the third section of the summers of winning opponents 137 spectrum.