Klek Check NFL-paid related costs are not public and the boss of alliances

According to the ”Sports Business Magazine”, the boss of Los Angeles ram of Stan-Kleck and other NFL team bosses have exacerbated the differences between the ram from St. Louis moved away. Klen threatens to reach a conventional agreement with St. Louis, so that the alliance is in the case of January cases.

According to the report of sports business magazines, the representative of Klekk said in the email of alliance officials, other bosses and their lawyers, they hoped to reach a price of 500 million US $ 750 million. Mediation will be done on Tuesday. This may be the last opportunity to avoid public trial of the lawsuit in January.

In email, the representative of Klekk also said that they will not bear the relevant fees of this legitimate. They also said that the judgment of this case has impact on all the teams and the league itself, and they can’t open their risks. According to the viewpoint of the league lawyer, it should be a rear to make compensation.

”If we continue to get any guarantee for the alliance on expenses (loss), we will not choose, can only try to solve the case on behalf of the ram team and Clevek,” said in the email, ”We I hope to do this. We hope that all parties will participate in the party – or alliance guarantees fairly share relevant fees and compensation. But so far, we have not yet got this guarantee, and there is no implied that the alliance will try to solve the case. Separate the discipline problem later. ”

Fans 举 举 克 滚 蛋

Fans 举 举 克 滚 蛋

The male and other bosses are in a litigation proposed by the St. Louis Regional Meeting and Sports Center Administration. The lawsuit has been in four years, and the plaintiff believes that the alliance violates the principles of the relocation of their own team, misleading the public in their relocation plan, causing millions of St. Louis. Many motions prior to the Alliance refused, including the hearing on the US Supreme Court.

NFL believes that Clevek has agreed to compensate for damaged revenue when moving the rambers from St. Louis in 2016. Even if Keleck wants to take it from this case, the bosses will still compensate for the Klelek. Alliances may not be able to reconcile in order to adhere to the principle.

Up to now, the case has been involved in all 32 teams of the Alliance, which spends millions of dollars, mainly borne by Klekk himself.