Lai Wan: From football weak country means more effort, the next step is to send more assists for teammates

Live Bar September 25th, La Wan received the European boots soon, and he accepted an interview and talked about the relevant topics.

– You have already entered the 41-grasded walkball season, how can you improve?

It is always possible to improve. When you get 1 grain ball, you will want to enter economic times latest news 3 balls, 4 goals, 5 goals.

But what I think is to improve your own competition, and send more assists to your teammates. This is the direction I want and the next step.

– When did you realize that you can become a top player?

In Dortmund. After transferring to Poznan Razz, I realized that I can become a professional player, that is the first step I take.

But my dream has always been in the biggest stadium and the strongest opponent game, and eventually this is also a step. I have shown that my performance has proved that I am in the top level, I also hope to improve.

Countless details have created huge success.

– Do you doubt yourself?

Many times. I am from football weak country, which means you need more efforts than players from football strong countries.

But if you can get 5 goals in the European semi-finals, or 9 minutes, or 9 minutes, you will realize that you are really excellent.

– According to your aaj tak samachar breaking news current efficiency, you can hit about 50 goals this season, what do you think?

I will say no. Because our schedule is close, there are national team events. This is not easy, the season is very long.

What is going on now is not important, what is more important. I have to keep patient.

– You and Bayern have two years of contracts, is it aimed at Old Muller’s 365 ball record?

This is too far away from me. I may need to get at least 30 league into the record every season. When I got it, I may think about this.

– 帅 到 让 让 让 让 改?

There is not much point delhi news in hindi live in personal angle. Modern football does not change much from tactical perspective, and Na Shuai also has his own ideas.

– Win European boots, will you reward yourself?

I haven’t got a celebration after winning all awards. I enjoy the current success and feel proud and satisfied. But tomorrow is a new day, the next game has to start.

Need to forget the wonderful and praised india new in hindi today words tonight, and everything we have won has become the past. I will enjoy it after retiring, but now the journey continues.


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