Lakers’ troubles! Howard encounters the middle-aged crisis, which is only a full weighing lineup?

The Lakers Pistons Two Wars, Even the protagonist of the Auben Mountain Palace, Ben Wallace came to Squisi Magoto guidance, the expectation of the boxing competition failed, but it was a
wave 16-0 re-ignition The ambition enthusiasm of the Zijin Legion.

The three giants were in the last moment, and the weak travel of Likou is really not worth the book, but the good news is Warger’s ”no middle lineup debug” has made a certain progress.

Including the passers-by the passenger plane in the past, Walger has started using James / Anthony Rongshou No. 5, from the end of the year. At the moment, the Lakers attacked and defense could not take into account, and they can only take a different approach. The philosophy of ”priority considering space” is really expected to become an emergency breaking weapon in the subsequent competition.

Not only that, nearly 5 Warriographic Shapes are 26 + 9 + 9 quasi-three-double output tend to stabilize, and the reasonable turtle initial milling is getting effective, which can be described as a double happiness, but the focus is worth the focus, everyone is concentrated in Wig ”Abandon Howard” is on.

If, Woger is just reluctant to rely on tradition to eat cake-type center to participate in the attack, and the DNP Howard is still able to do it.

However, the comprehensive consideration of personal competitive state and defensive enthusiasm, Howard’s use priority must be higher than the ”basket network”.

Only from small samples, it is more than 98% of the league. Howard is also relatively dominant, just in the vitality of eating cakes, less than a little bit of small Qiao Dan.

The conspiracy is naturally unreasonable. Combined with Howard has accepted the ”CQ” interview, the words, the Warcraft passed some of his personal dissatisfaction with unreasonable media.

If you speculate on the Lakers, I feel that the Howard table has revealed the emotions of the negative face. If it is over-interpreted, it is not conducive to the team’s atmosphere, and it is said to be passed.

However, if it is considered ”75 big superstars, the older senior” has not turned out yet, it may be too late.

The tiger is Pingyang, when the ”World of Warcraft” can be swapped in the house, ”I have to accept the role player if you have bored goodbye.

The problem is caused, and the coach’s trade-offs and disadvantages have made hits. Howard is not allowed to think more.

Is the power of Wei Shao, is it a magic of a small lineup?

Personally think that some reasons are there in it, and Wei Shao slow thermal attributes are indeed rendering in the past history, more of the superstars’ adjustment capabilities.

From the perspective of offensive space environmental improvement, the better the planner of the frontcourt is better (often forcing the opponent to the homework to match the Lakers small lineup, thereby reducing the penalty of the restricted area), naturally, the genus score drive.

In theory, when James, Anthony’s sharp line rocks up, instead of eating cakes in the next function, you can create the best space for the Lakers.

The beneficiaries are not only one person, James can re-return to a star-four-shot mode in a short time, and the ball is famous for the military training, disciplinary misplaced.

At this node, Wei Shao is a gain effect that can not be brought about by the point of threat of the point of threats.

Since the spatial attribute of the eyebrows, the threats other than the three-line lines have been far less than winning the championship season, and the number of nuclear wealth is unable to reproduce the number of nuclear wear, which is unable to reproduce any problems. This means that the Lakers are constipation. Under the attack, you must give priority to attack.

As for the reduction, the lack of the frame resource is broken, only the chain effect under the strategic choice, cannot be avoided.

The Lakers’ lineup reserves are not enough to support them again, and they have a uniqueness of the Shui Shuai, which is the Shui Shui.

Thanks for attention, welcome to discuss, Achizi is willing to be ”ball”, all the way, until the end of the world.