Leading 16 points is reversed! Nugget 5 main injury is at key moments, yes, about a fatal mistake

On December 2, Beijing time, the Nuggets lost by 103 to 108. This game of Nuggets, the first level of the first 16 points but began to be picked up by Magic. The third row of magic retracted 32-20, the difference between the two teams was only 4 points, and the end of the two teams have been very coking, but enter the last 1 minute Magic gradually occupied the wind, the key three points in the small Watanan, the renovation of the gold, continuous mistakes + iron, the final foul warfare funeral game.

Nuggets is really miserable, can write a ”miserable” word. Jamar Murray is still in rehabilitation, https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com Xiaoma Potter accepts lumbar vertebrae surgery, Dopyl cross ligament tear returns, Halan Germany and Xiaolfus trigger safety health agreement, team foot foot is 5 The main player cannot debut. According to the report of the Voist, the Nuggets can apply to the Alliance to apply for difficulties. The Nikolai-Jackici on the field is also injured, and the Denver fans don’t have much distressed teacher.

Yaki is a very professional player. No matter how difficult he has not, he will take 7 points and 8 rebounds 3 assists in the first quarter. When you can drive the team, he will pass the ball, and the defensive end is also spared. The perfect data of 13 points and 12 rebounds 5 assists, teammates are also very powerful, the first Monte Morris, Along Gordon, Will Barton has a good performance, these four people are excavation https://www.maillotbasket6.com The key is the key to 16 points in the upper half.

Unfortunately, the attack of the third quarter has a stagnation and continuous mistakes are fighting against the magic. 4 points, magic multi-point flowering 32-20 climax will shrink to 4 points. After entering the end of the year, there is still 7 minutes and 34 seconds. The total main force began to win the moment. The teacher’s basket will open to 3 points, and Cole Anthony Lima responded, the two teams entered the last 2 minutes and 21 seconds 101-101 Ping, Morris Mid-, Cole-Anthony Live Basket, Two Team 103-103, Small Waguna’s hit critical three points, Nuggets 24 seconds violation, Barton three points and magic completed reversal.

Nuggets were obviously panicked after three minutes, first a 24 second violation, then the Biqi back is a chance to go, and there is only 8.4 seconds left, and Barton is not in the middle and after the game, I lost the suspense. Jiki’s full game 19 in 19, win 18 points 15 rebounds 7 assists, hit 36.8%, Johi is too https://www.nbatrikots4.com tired, and 4 people in Nuggets. Magic is 6 people on the double. The key three points of small Wagner are very powerful. He 9 in the audience is 6, and 1 will take 15 points and 5 assists 3 rebounds.

Wen / Yan Xiaobai