Leipzi coach: The referee determines the big team and looks that he wants to get Nemal’s signature.

Live Bar November 4th, in a Champions League of Champions League in the early morning, Leipzig Red Cow 2-2 Dampt Paris Saint-Germain.After the game, Leipzig coach Mash accused the primary referee in the Press conference, and said that this main referee is like the signature of Malmal.

In the middle of the competition, Maish is showing yellow cards because of breaking news india in hindi today the protest of Exber’s decision, and he talks about this: ”My delhi india impression is that the referee determines those popular big live aajtak breaking news in hindi teams instead of small clubs. We are veryIt is difficult to get swatantra bharat epaper respect from the referee, and it seems that he wants to get the www hindi news paper site signature of Neussa! ”

About the team’s penalty candidates, Maish said: ”I usually decide two names before the game, I chose Fosberry and Andre – Silva, Fosberg can make a decisionSilva looks confident, but unfortunately, he is lost, Dona Ramma is one of the best goalches in the world. ”