Let people worry! Crow 4 points Wei Jackson because of injury

October 8 (Wen / ESPN JAMISON HENSLE Compilation / Love) Baltimore Mosa Crow just retrieved in a victory, the team’s game seems to have not been affected to the chief; however, in the next week In the area of ??civil war, they may suffer another headache – how to arrange four points to Malmar Jackson. According to the well-known reporter of ESPN – Xsevite reported that Jackson missed the team training on Wednesday because of the injury of the knee.

Although Shefte’s report said that Jackson’s injury is not serious, the MVP winner of the last season has passed the training only because of the injury, and he has traced back to last season due to injury. He stopped in November for a week. At present, the team has taken him a list of teams of tigers because of ”prevention reasons”.

In the last 31-17 defended Washington, Jackson was replaced with the next 4 minutes and 24 seconds left. However, people generally think that his end is because the crow has led his opponent 21 points. After all, the past multi-game crows will withdraw from Jackson when he is a big score, to ensure his health.

Since the middle of the 2018 season, I have suffered from 340 impacts since Joe-Vlaco, Jackson has suffered from 340 hits, and more than 112 times more than the other quartz. But he has strong impact capacity, and did not miss 1 first in 26 games.

At the 90-minute team meeting before training on Wednesday, Jackson did not even refer to this injury; and in his absence training, the 2012 annual eye show four points to Robert Griffin II Top for him in the main lineup It plays an important role in it. If Jackson really misses the game, then Griffin II will wait until he is looking forward to proved his opportunity.