Lightning Run Wei Merwen – Gordon believes that the team Meixi is stronger and confident this year’s champion must be lightning.

Los Angeles lightning ushered in a new job last season.

12-4 The record not only allowed them to win more than 9 games since 2009, but also helped them first kill the playoffs for the first time after 2013.

Unfortunately, 12 victories have not helped them to win the name of Mei Lianxi District. Because the chiefs of the same record rely on the rules of the rules. However, the lightning runs to Melwen-Gordon’s confidence in the team, I believe that this year’s champion title will definitely light all.

When the reporter asked if the chief was the strongest enemy in the partition, Gordon replied: ”We are the team that everyone needs to win. We are very special, I firmly believe that we are the strongest team of the league. This self-confidence is also necessary. ”

Although the team confidence is full, Gordon also admits that the intensity of Weixi is ”not a joke”.

Gordon’s rookie contract will enter the last year, he is seeking renewal. Lunar season in the past three weeks has not participated, but will report in the upcoming mini training camp.