Liverpool reinforces the 9th in this summer, Vera 14 ball God becomes a target

The Red Army has not yet been operated for any transaction, and the anti-magic demon has now taken Sang Jo, the blue moon is also pursuing Kane and Glaridge, yesterday breaking news but the Red Army has always been in the troops, which is completely disadvantages in the competition. With many major injured generals return to the club, the Red Army will not only satisfy the aaj tak website competitiveness like this, and their future will definitely think of the big ear cup and the league champion.

From the current Red Army’s lineup, they need to reinforce the position is not a lot, and the three stars of the front line are still stable. Although the performance of the two sides last season has declined, google health articles but they are still the top attack players in the league. Sarah still continues its top performance. The midfield is currently lost by Varr Dunha, but Fabi Nio and Tiago’s midfield are unique, compared to other midfielding positions, completely in the wind. If Fan Daiki and others can return, it is still the top existence.

But the above mentioned is only the paper strength of the Red Army. If you carefully study this team, you will find a lot of adjustments. Although the front line position introduces the depth of the lineup, lack of change is easy to be targeted by competitors. news of the day today If the Slang is like let the team have excellent offensive firepower in the new season, then the strong strike is the most effective way, especially the 9th.

Speaking of Phikino, it is definitely an excellent player. He can return to the organization ?? ?? ??? on the 9th, or you can rely on your ability to end the competition, and you can also help two sides to create offensive opportunities. By then, the player could not play a good whole season, even if there is a Rakata of the Tower, they need to introduce a genuine center in the 9th, so it is very good to solve more Line operation causes fatigue and uncertain factors. It is reported that the Red Army has begun to contact Watekins, and the player can entered 14 goals last season.