Lock the future! Wild horses three4.5 million US dollars renewal to take over Patrick

George, General Manager of Denver Mangma, is committed to the offset period, and he will consider signing the team’s players in the team. The team announced on November 20th local time to hand over one of the most talented external connections.

External hand-Patrick has agreed to talk to wild horses for about three years, with a contract worth $ 30 million. If he can meet all incentive clauses in the contract, then he will get up to $ 34.5 million. The guarantee of this contract reached more than 18 million US dollars. Patrick was just a unknown member of the wild horse training lineup in 2017, but he attracted the attention of the coach and teammates with his own ball skills, step by step to grow the most reliable and most excellent player in the wild horse.

This season, Patrick got 4 times of the array of running teams, completed 37 games, the team, third and 523 yards ranked second. In a four-year career, Patrick rarely appears low-level mistakes that have lost mistakes (no 1 time this season), and can always complete the ball in the chaos.

Patrick is suffering from the disease during the university and signed a contract with the Baltimore. But in the training camp in that year, he was abandoned by the crow, and then abandoned 49 people in San Francisco. Patrick spent most of the 2017 season in the wild horse training lineup, in the last four seasons in the list.

Earlier this year, the wild horn of Makama was asked when Patrick’s important role played in this year’s offensive group, said: ”He is a person who is very strong, can grab the external connections of the ball. I have always I feel he great.”

Counseling period, wild horses signed safe Wei Justin – Simmons and defensive end Sweerby – Harris. At that time, Pelton said: ”As a reward, let the players expressing the second contract, reward those players who are worth rewarding are really great.” The wild horse will have enough salary space in the upcoming off-break, expect They will be ranked fourth in the available wage caps, and they have 11 election show. External handle Patoland – Sutton, Line Wei Yama Da – Johnson, Corner Wales – Karaham and Quadruple Tedi – Bridgewater are free players worthy of attention.