Long-lost! Sun Yang appeared in the crowd of students + asked to sign, one by one, met the requirements, the popularity is still

On March 6, Beijing time, Dalian football was late, Bi Shangbin died of illness, and the year was 72 years old. To this end, Li Yi, who has happened with Chi Shangbin, and the whole football circle is also mourning!

Li Yi wrote: ”The guidance is late, all the way.” It is worth mentioning that Chi Shangbin and Li Yi have had sharp contradictions, resulting in the new names of China’s football, ”Badge”, ”Tianliang”. After that, the 2 people were free.

Huang Jianxiang wrote: ”Mourning late guidance!”

Dong Lu wrote: ”Chi Shangbin guides, all the way! Thank you for contributions to Chinese football.”

Ji Yanyang wrote: ”Chi Shangbin guides, all the way.”

Pan Weili wrote: ”The laten in my eyes, in addition to being too business economics news sleepy due to the programs, it is a old man who is near the old man, but only ten days ago, the late guided friend circle is still aaj tak latest breaking news in hindi updated …”

Yuan Ye wrote: ”It is also the same age of the Republic.”

Feng Wei wrote: ”Mourning.”

Lu Yang wrote: ”Oh … 72 years old in the football people are actually very young”, ”” After 2007, Li Fu Sheng was accidentally died, the second death ”1981-World Prelimination generation” player, earliest touch A generation of the World Cup final circle. ”” I hope that Chinese football can pass the fire, no seniors expect. ”

Northwest Wang wrote: ”Late to guide the ages.”

Li Wei wrote: ”Dalian Football 55 invincible season, I am still going to school, and later I have done a football media, I have done a limited report on Chi Shangbin, but at this moment, I feel sad, Chinese football’s meritorious people Less, less. ”

Jia Yanfeng wrote: ”It seems that only the football in that era is the more pure football we pursue. This kind of dd india app download discourse, with such a background music, the late guide, always engraved in the hearts of all football people.”
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