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”Source of this article: Qingdao Daily”

□ Qingdao Daily / View Sea News reporter Xu Nuo Zhang Yu

With the end of the 11th round of the Rangean Group in the 2021 season, the two teams in Qingdao took a single game. In the case of three rounds in the league, the Qingdao Sea is expected to return to China League in advance two rounds after the Sunday game. Youth Island maintains great rushing hope under the premise of locking the seats. Once the two brothers join hands, Qingdao football will create a good story in Chinese football.

Old style sea cattle strong return

From the 2013 work, to the 2016 Olympic, the record of the Central Team in Qingdao has dropped to the bottom of the valley. After the Chinese professional football entered the ”Golden Dynasty”, they stayed away from the vision of the fans.

After five seasons of China B league, this season’s team re-erected the flag of Qingdao Sea, hired old handsome Yin Tieheng as a leader coach, and launched another impact in China League. In the case of the first game, the team ranked stabilized, and the first identity of 9 wins and 4 flat and 1 lifetime. After 11 rounds of competition today, the Sea Curus took a list of 26 points in 8 wins and 2 square 1st, and the second year of Hebei team was 6 more. According to the schedule, as long as this Sunday wins in the game of the Xiamen Humi Island, they will complete the mobility target in advance.

When Dalian Stri, Jiangsu Suning, Tianjin Quanjian, Liaoyu and other old teams have been Mbappé Jersey left behind, the Qingdao Sea cow has become a Chinese football to enter the professionalization, and the number of ”old courtes” is adhered to the ”Old Accord”. In Qingdao’s football fertile soil, the sea cattle has tapped a batch of football talents, and achieved the full rise of the club image packaging, the professional team platform, and to the full rise of the Queen Training team.

Nowadays, a number of players such as the Sea Bull Sun Xu, Sha Yibo have provocated the girlfriend in the team, and they also have the strength and level of the higher-level league. The 5 entrails owned by the club are active in the national Qingchao. Not only does the U21 league, the U19 league mono-model role model, but more U19’s top six, U16, the top ten of the country,Cheap Soccer Jersey so many medium super team sweaty Record. As the team enters this higher level stage, the players will also get more fully exercise. If they are time, they are fully capable of picking up the Flag of Qingdao Football, launching an impact toward better grades.

New Army Youth Island ”Speed ??Growth”

One year is stable, the two-year rushing is looking forward to the ”speed growth” after entering the professional league, and the underlying logic behind this is a club-stable development environment and the future long-term planning. As the investor Xu Shang said, ”our ultimate goal is to create a 100-year football club, which requires a healthy and sustainable road.” The management Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey specification, the atmosphere is harmonious, and the financial health. The Yingchun Island team has been steadily moved along the correct direction. The logistics guarantee is very good, in addition to concentrating training, competition, players don’t think much. ”After the first phase of the league this season, a player said to the reporter.

Looking at the ”resume” of Yingchun Island, this self-cultivation of the corporate team of Qingdao Kang Taiyuan Construction Group, did not have too many people – 2007, in 2011, the Qingdao amateur football stadium was involved until 2018 Only the first time I won the city league champion trophy.

The road is blocked and long, the line will Football Shirts Wholesale come. It is this 11 years, so that the club has quietly realized iteration upgrades, the organizational architecture is getting more and more improved, and the player has gradually replaced with the pure business into the professional face, and the team has become a new generation of hegens in Qingdao amateur football circle. The ambition is high. The 2018 Club is renamed ”Middle Chunyuan” to ”Zhongchuang” to participate in the Crown Federation, and began to move towards the professional road. It only used two seasons. Zhongchong Hengtai killed the successful upgrade, from the 2020 season In the name of ”Qingdao Youth Island”, B league.

After the experience of the first season, the Yingkam Island team is a scrambled manifestation in China’s ”second Liverpool Jersey grade”. In the first phase of 14 games, they received 8 wins and 4 flat 2 negative achievements, unexpectedly advanced to the rushing group in the third place in the Si Xiyan, and completed the relegation goals set in advance.

The team’s excellent performance, also allowed the club to have a ”further” idea, the league is intermittent, they have introduced 5 new aids such as Wang Xingqiang, Chen Fuhai, Sun Xeng, Chen Wei, Liao Jiajun, and the soldiers will be wide. The first time I first shouted out the ”enter the top four” rush target. On September 1, the rushing group was opened in Tangshan, Hebei Province, and Yes Island despite all five rounds of draw, but the two consecutive victories before halfway were ranked fourth. Since then, the team’s achievements have been stabilized in the upgrade of the additional area, the only defeat is to give the strongly leading Qingdao Sea. In the case of only three rounds left in the league, the goal of ”rushing” in Yingchun Island is close to the eyes. ”It is best to go directly to the two direct upgrades, but even two of the games in China, we are also very confident.” Zhou Xin said.

The last three rounds, the opponents of Yingchun Island are Shanghai, Dongguan and Xiamen, and the three teams of Xiamen and the top four gaps are also 6 points. Basically, they have lost the possibility of rolling. Youth Island is very hoped to get enough advanced scores on them. Now, Xu Shang’s maximum expectation has become a Chinese Football Association’s professional league, he said: ”We plan to launch a lottery at home, provide small snacks, give a mascot, etc., come back to the vast fans As always, support. ”

As a national famous ”Football City”, Qingdao currently has a total of four professional teams in China (Qingdao), three Chinese B (Sea Niu, Youth Island, Red Lion), ranking first in the country. If the sea cattle and Youth Island can successfully implement the armor, Qingdao team and the Red Lion team successfully after the end of this season, Qingdao will have a medium super, two among A, a Chinese Bio team, Qingdao football The business card of the city will will be more shiny.

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