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1 month ago, the last episode of the ”Football Coach” in the second season – ”The Pyramid of the Converted”, broadcast through Apple’s streaming media subscription platform Apple TV + broadcast.

From the side of the European Cup to assist the European Five League, the weekly update opened on July 23, ushered in the 12th episode.

Escape with struggle, mutual assistance and reconciliation, these appeared in the first 11 episodes of this season, using the themes advanced by various characters and narrative line layers, and fulfilled in the last episode is a relatively satisfactory ending: the Danny of the fear is penalized. It is a great point, and the Richmond Club returns to the Premier League, and Sam refuses to engage in African mightyness, decided to open a Nigerian restaurant. As for the establishment of CPs in each group, the new balance point is found in the sublimation of the close relationship.

Of course, at the last scene of this episode, the screenwriter team did not forget to leave a heavyweight, for the third season of the production period, to promote the momentum – when ”black,”, the must-all the guardian assistant coach In the London Stadium, when the identity of the Western Ham Jedith coach, who can do not expect the so-called ”betrayal”, hostile and anger, become the main line of the third quarter?

As one of the ace episodes of Apple TV +, the ”Football Coach” (formerly known as ”Thaed Rusher”, the name of the actor’s protagonist, for football Film and television works down the new benchmark.

One month ago, at the 73rd Ammy Award Ceremony, the ”Football Coach” and the actor team were the most interesting of the whole theater.

There are 13 nominations of nominations, and there are 11 ”Wang Crown”, ”The Story of Waiting”, 9 ”Hamilton”, 7 ”Dongcheng Dream” and 6 ”Hou Wings Discard”, etc. High popularity works, is the biggest winner on the list of nominated lists.

According to this, last year, some thunder, the rainpoint, only 5 nominated Apple TV +, or on the platform nomination list, it will be stepped on, and the ranks of HBO MAX is flat.

After a night of starlight, ”Football Coach” finally won four awards (and three prizes in the Ammy’s creative art door) – the best comedy episode, the best comedy episode actor, Best comedy episodes Men’s Acting and Best comedy episodes. Although the ”Wang Crown” that has not been taken to win seven awards, it is still ahead of the ”professional gunner”, ”Dongcheng Dream” and ”Lang Wing abandoned”, and the proud awards ceremony.

You know, this is just a ”football coach” in the past year, in other big and small episode awards, they also got nearly 20 awards, saying that they got a lot.

In the five-flowered, the classic world of American drama is finally there is a realistic football theme episode and the Ammy award.

”Football Coach” is not surprising from the triumph of the top awards ceremony. Whether it is the first season from August to October, or in the second quarter of this year to October, it has won the world on the Internet. The full look of the visitor.

On the well-known ”rotten tomato” website, professional film reviews have reached 92% and 98% respectively, and there are 96% and 80% of the general audience, and the official certified ”Patterwrady” logo. Not absent.

On the domestic Douban page, the ”Football Coach” is also 8.8 points and 8.9 points, and even a lot of net red bloggers who are not familiar with football, they are strongly recommended to fans on social media.

Personal introduction is ”Vlog blogger, well-known beautiful makeup owner” @ 三坨 坨, launching 1511 million pairs, she wrote on Weibo two months ago: ”Does anyone see this drama? Ah? I am really good, I started to be admired by the name, because the football didn’t catch a cold, but it is not a football, but a warm life comedians often feel tired, I don’t want to look at the sad film. This drama is like the soul horse kills chicken, it is time. The shortcomings of the role and the dark side will make people feel like they know, but the good people are still hoped to this world. ”

”Football Coach” tells what kind of story?

In fact, it is a US university rugby coach to the British football. And the reason why he can get the management of the Richmond Club management is from the boss to destroy the club, retaliating her backbelling her until the exmosphere of divorce.

But I didn’t expect that this kind of American talker who didn’t know anything about football was in the wrong year. When I came to the end of the second quarter, he led the Richmond to upgrade from the British Crown and became the Premier League. One member.

Since over many years, football film works have focused on the technical footage level, strive to use most of the ”football coach”, concentrated on the daily daily day of players, coaches and management – this is not only covered Family life, interpersonal relationships, workplace rules and social propositions also include struggle and growth of each major figure. They are all in the inner shadows and fear, they will bid farewell to the pain.

The current Paris Saint-Germanian master Coatino wrote in autobiography: Maybe many people don’t know, these professional players can be affected by various problems, whether they are quarreling with a partner, or a child’s study The results have fallen, and they may be in the cause.

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In other words, the so-called real-lived professional football world is not ”FIFA” or ”Football Manager” as cold ice data and interface. The ”Football Coach” presented in the bridge presented in the first two sections, on the one hand, the complexity of the football world, and on the other hand, more people can perceive the temperature of football.

In the ”short com” section of the Douban website, a red devil fans have a fun, gains 41 points – ”I don’t know how to kick when the riolk is played again.” Anyway, with the near future episode Dynamically see that such a scenario may not be far away.

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Not long ago, the ”Football Coach” has reached a copyright agreement with the Premier League, more popular premium elements – including identification, jerseys and trophy, will appear in the third quarter. For example, as the player of Ted, it is also one of the screenwriters, probably can laugh in England football under the surroundment of more real elements: ”top flow” C Luo ? Black Horse Brent Ford? Or is the vast Newcastle? Jason Susian doesn’t want to be in your mouth.

In order to achieve this heavy agreement, the amount of Mbappé Jersey ”football coach” is about $ 500,000, and only the single situation in Manchester City is frequent in the first two seasons. It should be improved.

In addition, the Premier League Alliance management also is looking forward to this cooperation, ”football coach” is close to the charm of approximately people, which they have never thought of. They want this to break the linkage of the clutch and restrictions, you can bring more fresh attention to the Premier League.

Take a question: I don’t know what year, the Chinese football can usher in my own ”football coach”?

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: Chen Ding Rui

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