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Los Angeles Angel 27-year-old left pitcher Taylor-Skagster’s next day, the team boss Alte-Moreno, General Manager Billy Epre and the Coach Brad – Asmos Tour in Texas Cavalry home news conference.

After the unfortunate death, the 45th jersey was hanging behind, as the general manager of the team, Epre officially published the team statement.

”I swear this is definitely not the press conference we https://www.b2bshopp.com want,” Epre said. ”Our Angels have lost a family member yesterday. He is a teammate, he is a friend, a brother, the most important thing is that he is a husband and a son. Scargus is a young man with colorful life. He will live in our heart in the future. Without him, our team will never return to the previous. ”

The angels participated in the press conference yesterday to express their support for Scarges, but at today’s press conference, the angel team did not give the death cause of Scarges. It is reported that yesterday’s competition will be held in August.

The angel boss Morreno made statement on the death of Scugs, and he said that Scargus was originally won by an angel. The 2010 season was traded to Arizona Rattles and returned to Los Angeles before the 2014 season. Is an angel’s part.

”There is no words can express the sadness of our angels,” Mareno said, ”I https://www.fanbutikk.com represented the whole ball to the family of Scrugs. Our heart and his wife. Carie still has a family. Scargus is always an important member of the angel ball. ”

”I have known Scargus very early, when I have signed the contract with the angel, I will have lunch with him in San Monica,” Angel Care Coach As Mosmos said while crying.

The tournament and angel today were held at 7 o’clock in Beijing, and the game before the game held a silent ritual for Scargus. All the benefits of the tour will also donate to the Angel Paler Baseball Foundation. .

Epre, General Manager Epre, said with the players before the game, and the players said that today’s competition is to play and memorize Scalag.

”This should be what Skags wants.” Epre said, ”We are a professional team, the season is long, we want to move forward. From the first https://www.mlbdrakterno.com ball to the last goal, the players will I miss the days that I used to run side by side, this game is war. ”

Angel to fight the two-knife Great Valley is a person who is silent in social media. He also delivered a statement this morning.

”Since joining the angels last year, Taylor is my intimate teammate,” Da Guxiang is written in the statement. ”The words can’t express my unexpected accidents that suddenly happen. I expressed the most sincere mourning to his family.”