Luocheng Deby Preview!The core of both sides is coming out, the lake is inside, Tailu is a small lineup.


Among the NBA commercial leagues, all the competitions that focus on the festival will be speculated.In addition to these events, the same city Deby is also the focus of the fans.The Lakers and the Clippers are a pair of deaths, so many resentment since many years.This season, Lakers and Cloves did not have their hands in regular season. On December 4th, they will be the first confrontation, which also makes fans more expecting this.

We may wish to be a forward-looking, predict what kind of movement can be taken out.In fact, the preview of the game is not good, after all, the lineup of the two sides can determine before the start of the game.However, we can also analyze from many aspects to see what the two sides can play.Luocheng Deby Preview!The core of the two sides is coming out, the lake is inside, Tailu is a small lineup!

First, the core of both sides is coming out, the overall lineup of the Lakers is stronger

Luocheng Demi as a heavy drama, the more the number of stars, the more you stay. Previously, James missed a game with the king because of the well-known reasons. In this way, it can be said that it is a non-battle. However, it has changed in James, which is already activated, and there is little problem with the game and the race. Let’s take a look at the fast boat here. The team is the core George before the injury. Tailu is the announcement of George.

Lakers’ three giants are collective, and George, George, also returns to lineup. At least on the stars, the clippers have George compression, not too embarrassing. However, it is necessary to say the overall lineup of both parties, and the Lakers are still stronger, at least from the power of paper. The Lakers can put out the first lineup of the three giants, and the start of the bus boat is relatively dim. However, if you are a practical perspective, the fast ship is better than the Lakers, after all, the Lakers’ three giants have not yet successful.

Although there is no Len Nard this season, the starter has been more stable. The routine first of Tailu is George + Leji + Zu Baz + Bladeso. Before Batum is not injured, Batum is one of the first, after the injury, there is a small Morris alternative. In terms of rotation, Mann and Kenath are more important two rotation players, and Harten Shike can also eat some time, and the rest of the players are zero fragmented, and who is Tharen Ru Top to front.

Anti-view Lake people played a quarter of the schedule, and did not play the lineup of the three giants yet. On the one hand, it is because James and Wei are indeed not strong, and on the other hand, the three giants play together is relatively short, and the grinding is not in place. The lake is always changing, this is a very helpless thing. In addition, the players on the replacement are not sure. This is a point that is unfavorable to the Lakers. After all, the stable lineup is greatly helpful.

Second, the lake is in the main line, the fast ship must fight small lineup

Boats and Lakers These teams have their own advantages. From the perspective of the Lakers, they want to win, then they need to play the internal advantage. The front line is in place, James and George can basically cancel each other, so the Lakers have to look at it. Even if you play a bit aggressive, you can get a duty of 24.3 points, but you can get a player who can get 24.3 points.

The Lakers break the article from the inside, which is also the best to see results. Of course,
Wei Shao is in such a high-end bureau, still should remain calm, can’t be the existence of the drama, and give the opportunity to the eyebrows as much as possible. Wei Shao can wait for an operation and output, and form a certain threat to the fast ship defense. If the Lakers don’t stick to their internalline strategies, follow the fast boat spent baskets and attack and defense, then the Lakers are very uncomfortable, and the shuttle is laughing.

The two sides must be a big lineup, and the homes have a Zums, and the Lakers are 摆 霍华. However, the killing of the fast ship is a small lineup. In the past few seasons, the fast boat is famous for the world, so that the opponent is quite uncomfortable. The Lakers can also use small arrays and hulls, but the advantage of the fast boat is to attack and defensive balance. The Lakers put a small lineup, and after the thick eyebrows replace it, the lake’s internal defense is paper paste.

For Tailuru, play big lines will definitely suffer, so small lineup will become the key to Luocheng Debi. This season’s rapid ship is not bad if there is no Len Nad, it is a small fauna to help it. Although Batum is lacking a key player after the injury, the entire system can still run. Therefore, when Tailu is a small lineup to try to bring rhythm, everyone is not accidentally, this is the routine operation of Tharen Lu, which is also a choice for the Lakers.

Often in such a competition, we don’t ignore the role players, and they also have the space and possibilities of the drama. The X factor of the Lakers is Anthony, and the Anthony field this season is 14.3 points in the Lakers’, the 42.1% of the three-pointer-https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comhit rate is the most robust shooter of the Lakers. The boy is watching Mann here, this guy is very impact, he is also a member of the small array. So when the role player plays beautiful data, you don’t surprise.

Third, Taillu is the tactical ghost, see how Woger deals

If you want to say from the two coach, both parties are champion headers, at least identity. Taillu is the tactical ghost, and Woger is a little later, and sometimes there is a problem with the chart. What we can pre-judge is that when Tail Ru is an offensive, it will reflect the speed advantage of the team. The hulls quickly scored 12.9 points, and the 11th place in the league is still quite good.

However, we must also notice that the overall offense of the shuttle is not very good. The average score is only 105.6 points, and it is ranked 22nd. The offensive efficiency is 105.2, ranking 25th in the league. To a certain extent, this will become a point for Walgel, so that the shuttle offense is more uncomfortable, that is, the rhythm is fighting, and does not let the shuttle run up. Tailu and Woger are the process of seeing the recruitment of the offensive, and the two controversy will be very interesting.

In addition, in the arrangement of the defensive end, Tailu may have a hand. The defensive efficiency of this season This season is 104.5, and the 4th place in the league is still excellent. Tailuru is most likely to take more powerful balls and broadcasts, so that you will pick up the ball and let it stay away from the strategy, James is handed over to George. If Walger is going to break, it is necessary to set tactics to the strong eyebrows. Once the eyebrows are contained, they are equivalent to them and the hulls!


The records of the Lakers and Clippers are relatively close, and the two teams are direct competitive relationships, which makes the game more complex factors. All in all, this Luocheng Derby still depends on how the player game is playing, after all, they are the protagonist that truly executes the intention of the head. As for the results of this Luocheng Debi, let us wait and see!