Madon Magura continues to ferment Brown steel people or end

Although the outer card has begun, the hot discussion of the steel people and Antonio – Brown still does not cool down. According to sources, the steel team is expected to be restructured and extended to the contract of the Siwa-Rodrisberg before the start of March 13th. It is a signal they want to trader to take over Antonio-Brown.

According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte, the primary purpose of the steel person team restructuring large contracts is to make more salary space for Brown possible leave. Because even if Brown left the team, according to his contract, the steel man must pay 21.1 million deaths, and this part of the funds are occupied by the team salary. If you reorganize the big contract, let him take less salary space this season, then the team has enough space to pursue other players.

In 2019, it was also the last year of Da Bing. Of course, the team will extend his contract period at this time, and no matter whether Brown is from the team, this part of this part of the salary is for the team. In terms of a key ”assists”. However, the attitude of the steel person seems to be more than the informality of many people, according to NFL official well-known internal people Ian Libodport, they have begun to consider listening to Antonio-Brown’s transaction offer! As long as they can get enough compensation, they will not refuse Brown ideas for other teams.

From the tough attitude of Levieng-Bell, the Steel Human Team will, you will feel that it is not an unexpectedly. In fact, Brown did have his ”work”, causing the steel people from the management to the head coach Mike Tomstin, and then to the Supreme Safety of the Supreme Big, expressed his ”disappointment” emotions. And if the steel people traded Brown, they are not unprofitable. If they left Brown, they will consume $ 22 million in salary space; if they traded him, saving $ 1 million in salary space, They will also pay less $ 15 million in cash.

The problem is: Can the steel team can get enough attractive trading chips?

After consulted several general managers who intended to the transaction Brown, Lobport proposed two points: First, if the steel people did not get their quotation, they will not rush to send Brown. Two of the general managers believe that it is necessary to send a first round sign to be able to change to Brown, and even a general manager feels that there is a need to pay a lot of high-time selection. Second, the steel people have erupted such problems twice, and people involved are not only Brown. If they can solve and brighten the dispute before the beginning of the new season, then this matter will be here. NS. ”As long as they calm down, they will handle it.” A other team high-level said.

However, in accordance with the current situation, the relationship between the two sides still has no improvement. What is Antonio-Brown and steel people talk about it? Still step by his brothers Holmes’s rear dust? I am afraid I have to wait for some time to see, but in the fierce situation in the season, the steel people are completely ”grabbed”!