Magic continues! Pirates announced that the beard will serve as the fourth start

The pirate fans immersed in ”Fitz Magic” can be touched. According to the information of Adam Xseff, the Judn Saturday, Saturday,

Tampa Bay Pirates hopes to let the ”beard” Lenfitz Patrick as a first quarter-off.

As we all know, the original first quartz of the pirates originally defeated Juemeis Winston in the season. Tuesday, he returned to the team’s training venue and met with the head coach Tekote. Cote told Wenston and Fitz Patrick, but did not open outward as soon as possible, although the media and fans guess him will let Fitz Patrick continue.

For the latency did not announce the first candidate, Cote gave you a reasonable explanation. ”We know what we have to do. Their two people (Winston and Fitz Patrick) also know what we have to do. I just hope that everyone tells the opponent to our practices don’t have any benefits.”

Cit said

According to the performance before Fitz Patrick and the practice in one week, the whole team generally feel that Fitz Patrick will get the first day on Sunday. Winston’s comment reflects the temperament of a team’s future leader. ”I am here, I can help the team.” Winston said. ”My enthusiasm for this team, I love this team’s love, beyond me to play this team.”

However, the starting of Sunday does not mean that Fitz Patrick is able to keep high-pillow. According to sources, the pirate team will re-evaluate the quarter-saving situation in next week, and then determine which of the Fitz Patrick and Winston will serve on Octuary 14th to the Arrange Fematch.

Although Fitz Patrick made up from Monday night, it was thrown three times, but he still said that the NFL quarter-saving data is one. The first three weeks of passed the number of pall code was 1230 yards, the most quadruple, 11 times, only second to Patrick, the Kansas City Emirates.

”I saw his performance. When a player threw 400 yards in three consecutive games, you will love him.” Winston said. ”As a whole, we must support this team. Because when we win, everything will be very good, we have to take this. (Even if there is no starting)”

For Fitz Patrick, the Chicago Bear’s defensive group may be his tribute; if he can come up with convincing performance, then ”Fitz Magic” may continue again.