Manzel Jiao Wife Night Store releases underwear brands to try on the body

Although strengthening Ni-Manzell has fallen out of NFL for a long time, but there is still his ”myth” on the rivers and lakes. Nowadays, Manzel, who is playing in Canada’s CFL Alliance, has finally got rid of ”home violent”, ”嗑 嗑 狂” and ”alcohol” image. In addition, Memagzell and the American star of the American entertainment industry are quite hot, he often accompanying the nightclub, Odel Beckham is his nightclub, so he can be with many American entertainment circles. The star big wrist is familiar. And Manzell and his modern wife Brei Thailand are like this.

Bray Thai is a sexy woman, and her work is also very embarrassing. As a famous underwear designer, Brei Thara has been popular in underwear brands in the past two years, which also brings a very high visibility and reputation. Last week, Taishi held a grand underwear ”Conference” in the luxury nightclub ”UP Avenue” in Hollywood, launched a new underwear series – ”Se Mouiller”. And the famous real show star law – Abraham, Natalie – Narn and the host Stellow Brim come to the scene, to help the Thai friendship. Strong Ni-Manzell is sitting in a piece with these stars, while chatting, laughing, drinking, sometimes blowing the wife to the popularity.

In addition, Taizhen’s promotion of underwear brands, this beautiful woman also personally replaced this series of sexy underwear, in front of everyone. Under the flashing light, Taizi’s crystal smooth carcass was modified to be tempting, tightly tightly standing, the ultimate warfare curve, seems to be a pair of rich white rabbits. This woman is tuned, and a pair of autumn water hooks, a piece of water is blinking, and there is a bit dead. The clothes are gently faded. Scattered with the crescent moon, gentle is like soft, shy The appearance is like a fairy. Sui Xue is like jade, the waist is profitable, the powder neck flower group slightly, the soul is from ancient times. With endless temptation, Ignite a fire in the midnight of Hollywood.

This is the reason for Manzer in love, as a romantic label, Manzell found a different temperature in this woman, and true love made them got together and finally finished the monk. In order to help the wife’s business, Manzell started as much as possible. Last year, Bray Thai held a dinner party for the release of a new series of underwear, and Manzell was invited to ”hip hop” to brag the old man and when the red hip hop singer Trey Songz and other music superstars, let the whole dinner star.

Niki-Manzell and his wife Thai held a ”nightclub underwear” attracted countless eyeballs, compared with the past because of various harsh actions, this time he finally used a relatively positive way. In front of people. Think about Mande, who is famous, is now, it is necessary to rely on this way, it is really awkward. In college, Manzell is a character, but he is extremely disappointed at NFL’s career. Various evils in the past, all kinds of evils, let him accompany the police, and the state and skill of playing the ball are also a thousand feet. This ”Tianzhi’s pride” finally destroyed himself, completely withdrew from the NFL Alliance. In order to maintain a livelihood, Dani Manzel came to Canada’s CFL alliance to play with the CFL alliance in Canada, started a CFL star player. However, despite the departure of NFL for many years, Manzell can also affect the heart of the olive fans.