MLB-2 day view frequency DC GR people vs Dodge Tongzhi Enemy Battle San Francisco rebound

Beijing time on April 2, 10:10, the two enemies of the National United District – Los Angeles Daochi team and the San Francisco Giant team will usher in the first series of war in the new season, and the game is in the main field of Dodge. At present, Dodge has 3 wins and 1 negative record, with the priests in the national associates, while the giants are not good, 1 win 3 negative and reconstructed snakes together. But the battle of the world is often able to inspire more powerful fighting, so the giant of this Fan may not occupy the wind.

Battle review

Dodge is in the first series of war, the four games, 3 wins and 1 loss, the content of the game basically reflects the big situation of this season, the Dodge is still the popular partition champion, two of them attacked 12 points respectively And 18 points, the fourth game was won in the eighth game. Three victories were obtained in the case where the pitcher Kok and the old Hill did not be in the array. It can be seen that the team’s good state is good. However, the victory of Dodge is also because the opponent’s snake lost many absolute main force during the offset period, which made the tail snake strength to discounted, so these victories did not explain too many problems.

The giant is still the trend, facing the priest of the heavy gold signing Macha, the giant swallows three failures, although it is defeated with a very weak disadvantage, but can’t say the priest may have arrived, the giant new The most important work season is not at the bottom of the partition. Three failures scores are 0: 2, 1: 4, 1: 3, winning a score of 3: 2, the loss is very small, the next game, the giant can improve the status and strength on the line It should
be able to have a big progress in the record.



Game point

Dodge was 42 points in the first four games in the new season, and several main hits in the team even more than 4%, as if they were still in spring training. But it is about to face the giants, although the reception of giants and the snake is not very ideal, but the giant can often give some ”surprises” to the amazing state. The biggest point in this game is whether the Dodge’s offense can continue, and the giant line can not change the state, and the intense series with Daoqi.

First firing

Dodge team first pitcher: Hurio-Ulias

Giant team first pitcher: Dru Poland

Yurias once is the future hope. This year, he was only 22 years old. He was boarded in 2016. He has sent 15 games first, and the 5 wins and 2 losses 3.39 self-blade points are not Vulgar results. However, after two years, only 27.1 bureaus was only cast in the past two years, but at the end of the season, it was returned to the player as a support pitcher, and it was only played with 1 security and did not lose. This game will be the first time in the past two years. What is the performance of this 22-year-old first pitcher?

Polant Metz signed a year with a giant team in the lunar season, which will be his first representative of the giants first, and is the first game with the Dodge series, it can be said that the component is not light. The 30-year-old left-hearted career is 8 times as a first to the front, there is a 3.48 self-blade rate. In 2016, Polams fed from the somatling socks, and blended red stockings from the priest. In 2017, it became the main pitcher of the red hose, and the season was 32
games, got 17 wins and 6 losses 3.32 self-sharing rate. Good grade. Last year, the first year gradually turned into aid, only 74.0 bureaus, 2 wins and 6 losses 6.08 self-blade rate, now come to the new team, I don’t know if I can find a brave state.

[Focus Star]

Although Dodge has been in the year, the ”total runner”, it is still one of the two teams that are the most concerned about the entire entire League, and it is also a relatively large team. Without the loss of too big players this year, Berlinjie, Turner, Mangxi is a player in the array, while the guerrillas of the injured return, the new join the team’s AJ-Pollock, Dodge has added a lot of attention.

Four games in the new season, Pednson, Berlinje, AJ-Polan, Barnes hits more than 4%, so the biggest point in this game is the giant’s pitcher and preparation, can it resist The violent attack. Among them, the brightest person is a young Cody-Bellinjie, a total of 20 counts in the 2019 season, contributing 4 strokes, 8 points and 1 data, hits. 500, Ops The offensive index is up to 1.624. Although there is a snake behind the score, they sent the captured part-time, and they were ”brushing their points” by Daoqi, Berlinjan stabbed 3 points in the middle, but must also recognize the good state of this once new people.