MLB-29-day view Frequency broadcast small bear VS space man staged cross-alliance strong dialogue

Beijing time on May 29th 08:10, Chicago Bear passenger court challenged the Houston space, as the leader two teams in two partitions will stage a cross-alliance, which is the first game of the three series of games in the competition. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

Chicago Bear is currently 30 wins and 22 negative rankings, the list of the Lianzhong District, still leading the Milwaukee wineman 0.5 winners, but recently, the team has suffered two joints, the past ten game winning rate is not enough 50% . The Houston Spaceman took 36 wins and 19, and the team was leading, the team’s home record is even the first 21 wins and 7 losses.

Game point

The two teams are the World Competition of 2016 and 2017, which is a series of transcendents, and the two teams will meet in the regular season for a few years, and this year two teams may also meet in the World Competition.

First firing

Chicago Winnabad: Joan-Leicester

Houston Space Team: Colnet – Martin

The 35-year-old Leicester is the 14th year of his team. He once helped the socks and bear three to win the World Competition, and 18 wins last season. Punish.

In the past 11 seasons, there have been at least 180 bodies in the past, and 3 wins 3 wins this season, only 2.68, 47 bureaus sent out 47 times. However, the last time I first face the Feicheng Philadelphians 4 bureaus lost 7 minutes and 4 points, and the past two games did not cast 8.1.

The 23-year-old Martin is the second round of the 2017 elected conference was selected by the Houston space candidate. In 2019, he ushered in the big league. In the first show, the 5.1 bureau sent a 9K to the winning investment, and the past 2 games were first voted for 7.1.

Focus star

Haville-Bayz ranked best in the season, 34 bombings 111 points hit rate 2% 90 let him first selected all star games, got the Silver Band Award, while still in the annual MVP vote second. This year, his hits, the upper rate is currently the best career, and 51 games will be held in the 13-bombing 34 points and 31.

As the 2015 Eye Show was selected by the Houston space candidate, he bombarded 31stballs in 2016, and the 51 second base is more The league first. In the case of this season, he assumes more offensive heavy responsibilities. At present, 15th, 85, 35 points, is the second larger.