MLB – after the game, the fans did not enthusiastically apologize to Dodes fans.

On October 16, local time, Los Angeles Taoist player Hernand is officially apologized to the Dragonfly fans, before, he once complained that the Los Angeles fans did not have enthusiasm. The Dodge team lost to a winemaker in the third game of the National Union Championship. At present, the big score 1-2 is behind.

Hernandes said through personal twitches, his discourse is distorted. He just wanted to express his very depressed. In the third game of the National World Championship, Dodgerators 0-4 lived on the winemaker.

Dodge Tools Gran Rick Hernand

Dodge Tools Gran Rick Hernand

The Daoqi team coach Roberts said that Hernandes is a passionate player. He can feel the coach, player, and fans are all in order to advance. Hernanders usually has a good interaction with fans, and he also is uneasy for his behavior last night.

For this matter, Hernandes https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comsaid that yesterday is a special weird day. ”I said last night, I can’t express my true idea. You (Dodge fans) are the best fans in the world.” At the same time, Hernandes said that will be in the next fourth game try harder.

Will be the first Dodge team in the fifth game in the fifth game, Kretton Krat, the team needs to play more good balls. ”When we didn’t hit anger, the team’s morale would drop.” At the same time, Koke believes that the players who have not present should be more supported on the field, let them feel someone is supporting them.

In the last game, the Dodge team catcher Athman-Granadar is poor, and it was a fan of the fans. The head coach Roberts said that fans have the right to dissatisfaction with players, but this will make the player’s situation is more difficult. ”They (fans) hope that we have better https://www.mlbboutique2.comperformance, and we also have obligations to them.”

In the last game, the Dodge team is not satisfactory. In the upcoming fourth playoffs, the Dodge is not lost. Once the defeat, the opponent will hold two prices. At that time, the situation of Dodgers will be more difficult.