MLB All-Star Star Saisi Fate Bregman ran back to the first part

Beijing time on July 10, MLB All-Star race was held in the Cleveland’s progressive course.The
competition of the National Union Star against the Menlian star is also earning the eye, the United States launched the first-year-old sport space. Wild.He opened a class directly to the National Union star.

The first firing pitcher launched by the National Union is a Korean pitcher Liu Xianzhen. He is also the first Korean pitcher of the first all-star competition.

Liu Xianzhen’s defensive brightener, timely caught running players

The Second Bureau, the United Arab foundation, the end of the field is that the field will be big, and this year, he is tonic to the full star lineup this year.A game of pitching mission is hitting a place, but there is no loss

DJ-Le Mei Revenue makes a wonderful guardian

Bregman ran back to the United States

The snake teenager Malt played the second base to celebrate

Last season, the most bright pitcher De Grom was also selected for all star lineup this year. He also cast three quality content.