MLB All-Star Tournament 4-3 Shengguo Federation won the victory for 7 consecutive years

On the morning of July 10, Beijing time, the 2019 season MLB Vocational Rod All-Star Tournament was staged in the forward play of Cleveland.The United States has achieved 4-1 lead after the seven games, although the Guandian team rely on the first half of the eighth game to rely on the New Branch of the competition champion Pitt-Alonso to narrow the score difference to a point.However, Yangji Terminator Chapman did not disappear, and the United States finally won the 90th MLB aesthetic All-Star Tournament at 4-3.

Data highlight

Guoxian Star Team:

Louis Castil 1 game sent 2 three vibrations.Charlie – Black Monkey playing Yangchun.Pitt Alonso 1 patron 2 points.

Meidian Star Team:

Shawn Bobo and Atrods Chapman 1 game sent 3 three-vibrating, Justin Wild and Jose – Bellos were played in 1 game.Liam-Hendricks 1 game 3 times a three-vibration throws 1 point.

Joe Yero played a spring gun.Michael Blantel and Haolch – Polish can have 1 安 1 points.

Game process

In the first place, the United States first sent a pitcher Willand to complete the three strokes, of which Zhen Zez and Fri Man. In the second half of the first bureau, the First Bat of the United States, Springer, from the National Union, first pitcher Liu Xianzheng, the first place of this all-star race. But the three players have played the game, and the two sides did not drop.

In the second bureau, the United States dispatched the field. After the Bell rolled back and then recorded, the country went to the first base. The country was knocked out to the first place, and the game hit by Kanditreras played the podder on the front of the pitcher. It was guarded by the field, passing to the first base to get the third The number of times. In the second half of the second bureau, the National Federation Coach Dave Roberts sent another Dodge Pitcher Correton – Kham. JD-Martinez flying balls were killed by Beilinjan in the warning area. Bleigman’s three-way direction is strongly rolling, and Brandeli played the second base to play, Blesman rushed back to the home base, the United States 1-0 leaded. Kakhazu San Zhen Poland ended this half.

In the third bureau, the United States dispatched Jose – Bellos. Matt played the second base to be able to get the point circle, but Akunia and Yaleqi were connected by three vibrations, and the Bayz flying ball was over. In the third bureau, Jacob De Grom appeared, Trevo Stoli was worshiped. After Dagromard Sens, Springer, continued to eliminate the two players to complete the three three.

The fourth game, the United States, the United States, the Associate Coach, Alex – Cora, Lucas – Jolito Puck, Osts – Meshados replaces Brandry. After Fritman’s four bad guarantees, Qiaolito solved the next three players. In the second half of the fourth place, the National Association Louis-Casti picked up, at the same time replaced with Chris Bryant, Pitt-Alonso, Charlie-Blackmont and Mike Musakas, replaced Yely Odd, Berlinjan, Fremman and Arrecain. Castil Sudu Santana and JD-Martinens have made Blesman to make rolling earth to complete three.

The fifth bureau is in the upper half of the United States, Shawn, Bibo. Boke, the Boke, which is a continuous Sensit Chicena, Matt and Akunia, have become the first three players in history to solve the Indians. The fifth bureau, Walker-Biller, Musman-Granir, Marcos Mangsi and David Dar replace Matt, Kanditreras and Arkania. Sanchez played the second base to beat, and returned to the homes through the Mados’ rolling earth and Polish Branch, 2-0. After Biller, Francisco, who was played out of the Senaz, completed his work.

half, Joey Gallo, Matt-Chapman, James McAn, Witt-Merfield replaces the Poland, Blesman, Sanchez and Turt, Lia M – Hendrick appeared in the game. Hendricks continuously S-Lente and Storery. Blackmond went out of the spring gun in the case of the two games, and the National Union pulled back a point, 2-1. After that, Hendricks San Zhen Alonso, a single office sent three three vibrations. The second half of the sixth bureau, Mike Soloa played, Jeff McNeil and Paul – Delong replaced the scene to Bryant and Storery. Solo Solved Daniel – Walbach, which was played, was completed three.

In the seventh place, He Presses Abu Lee replaced the Santana, Shawn Green came to shoot, and the half-bureau in three three. In the second half of the seventh place, the national association team sent Brandon-Woodrv pitch. Chapman chose four bad guarantees, McAn ’s Base, McAn, will send Chapman to the three base. The praise of the appearance of the Bocgugz played a double kill, Chapman returned to the home base, 3-1. National Union reunited, Woodrf was replaced by Will Smith. Gallo playing Yangchun, 4-1, which is also the first ride soldier in all star games after 2005.

In the first half of the eighth game, Muqi-Bates replaced Boggts, Brad – Hand appeared. Gran Dao is selected from the four bad guarantees, and Dar is knocking out of a hit. Delong is selected from the four bad balls, and the National League team formed. After Blackmond was quenched, Alonso’s alarm was home to the home base, and the National Union narrowed to 1 point, 4-3. In Musakas, the two runners completed the two-haired base. Two-third bases were booked, but the Tengfei balls outside the Muscas were killed by McAn, and Hand was lost 2 points. But still toughly holding the leading advantages of the United Unitedity.

In the second half of the eighth game, Sandy-Alcantara appeared. Torres played a homework, which made him become the youngest Yangji player in all star games. Alcantara then San Zhen Merfield, and let Abu Lee play a double kill and enters the ninth game.

In the first half of the ninth game, the Meidian is the finals of the Terminator, Aroad Chapman. Chapman continuously, JT-Ryormo and Mangsi, Gran Dolo finally be out of the country, and the United States final 4-3 defeat the country.

Tanaka will get the victory, Corretton Kham Xiao Dynasty, Atrodis Chapman rescue success.

Both sides

Guoxian Star Team:

First stick: left outer wilder Cristian – Yalege

Second Bar: Guerrilla Haville – Bayz

Third Bottom: A barrier Freddy – Fremman

Fourth good: Right outside wilder Cody – Beilinjie

Fifth good: three bases, Noland – Arena

Sixth: Specifies the strike Jose-Bell

Seventh: Catcher Wilson – Kanditreras

Eighth rod: Two bases Catell – Matt

Ninth Bat: Chinese and foreign wilder Launad – Akunia

First pitcher: Liu Xianzhen

Meidian Star Team:

First good: Right outside wilder George – Springer

Second, two bases DJ-Le Mei

Third good: Chinese and foreign wilder Mike – Truite

The fourth stick: a barrier Carlos-Santana

Fifth good: Specify the combination of JD-Martinez

Sixth stick: three bases, Alex-Blesman

Seventh stick: Catcher Gary – Sanchez

Eighth rod: left outer wilder Michael – Blantery

Ninth Bat: Guerrie Haolcher – Polish

First Pointer: Justin – Wirant