MLB April Best Player List Form Bablin Jie Li Yeliqi won the best player award

MLB has been opened for a month, and MLB today announced the best player list in April.Due to the Hardworm of the Hao Mai stick, Anderson won the best player of the United States, the highest MVP voice, the highest, Bayinjie, is a force down the season MVP.

Best player

US League: Tim Anderson, guerrilla, Chicago White Sox

Anderson is probably one of the biggest surprises since the season of the season, and he has not played a lot of expected levels after he raised the big alliance. However, he as if he refused to change the bone in the season. One month, the 0.375 hit rate, 0.394 horror, even 0.615 long-winning terrorist crackdown, more than 99 counts, 6 high yields with 18 points, and lead The ten piracy of the Alliance is successful, which is called a
highlight of the white socks.

National Alliance: Cody Bellinger, a barrier / owner, Los Angeles Dodge Team

Although Anderson already has such a terrible performance, there is still a player more horrible than him, that is, the Dodge’s Belinjan. The high hits of 0.431, also with 0.508 oscillation rate with the monster-like 0.890 long winning rate, 132 people actually have 14 sports to fight with 37 points! After 2017, after 39 countries, I went to the National League of the National League, I was full of birth throughout the season, ”only” 25-year-old, Baylin Jie first month in 2019, with the 5th record 5 Before the month, I played a 14-year-old horn and declared myself to return!

Best pitcher

US Alliance: Tayler Glasnow, right pitcher, Tampa Bay rays

If you can come back, last year’s Pittsburgh pirate will not make this transaction that will bring the front of the leader Acr (Chris Archer) to Pittsburgh —- this year’s Grasino is too good! The 25-year-old young pitcher has become a new trump card of the radi, and the performance of the opening season is even more than the teammates, and last year’s Saiyang Award Pitcher Snell (Blake Snell) is still outstanding. The 5 wins and 0 losses of the leading alliance, the self-blanking rate is only 1.75, 36 games, and there are 38 three-vibrates only have only 7 times, and his performance is the key to the first place of the league.

National Union: Luis Castillo, Right Pitcher, Cincinnati

In the third quarter of your career, Castilli finally converted his heavens into achievements. After an expectation of the first day, and after a disappointing second-grade season, Casti, https://www.trikotskaufenn.comwhich was the best pitcher in the whole country, 3 wins and 1 negative record, only 1.45 self The score rate, there are also 50 three-vibrates in the 43.1 bureau, all of which are famous in the column. With an average of 96 miles of fireball, as well as the almost no shift ball (only 0.094 hits), supplemented by a slogan (0.111), Casti is Step by step by step, step by step.

Best postoner pitcher

US League: Shane Greene, right pitcher, Detroit tiger

Last year, the end of the tiger finally expanded to 5.12 Green. The season in 2017 was found in 2017, and cooperated with the many small bit differences in the Tiger team. The result is the first one. The grandeur of the month. Among the 14th bureau, 17 times were sent, only 2 times, reducing the hit rate of his stretch card (last year 0.291, this year 0.133), Green successfully won 12 rescue success, in tiger There were 12 victories of the team to be closed by him, and the influence of the tiger team can be seen.

National Alliance: Kirby Yates, right pitcher, San Diego priest

Last year, after Brad Hand, he was traded to the Cleveland Indians, and Jeats took office to the end of the San Diego priest, and there was excellent performance, so that the coach is still close to the door. The task is handed over to him. As the priest team is flying, the rescue opportunity, the rescue opportunity, also held it steadily. The record of 14 rescue was successful before May, and the performance of Jeats was very bright. 16 bureaus lost 1 point, 14 rescue opportunities all took down, but also sent an amazing 25-magnitude! The best post-aid pitcher is now the same as the best posting.

Best newcomer

US League: Brandon Lowe, Barn, Outfield, Tampa Bay

Why is the radiance to give a rookie who have never fill the entire season, last year’s hits, the newcomer, a new person, a six-year contract? It now seems that https://www.mlbtrikot4.comthis paper contract is valued. Opening season, the Ramper Gulf of the Alliance, except that the pitcher is pressed, which is the firepower brought by this group of young players, while Luov is one of the critical. In the case of Joey Wendle, the Joey Wendle was injured, Luo Wei was not just a vacant, and more handed over terrible flames.

0.289 hits, 0.567 horror rate and 0.567 long win ratio, 25 games have 6 books, 5 second bases, 1 three bases, 17 points, 3 times, 3, more It can be eligible for multiple preparations, and all-round performance allows Lovid to win the best newcomers in the US Alliance this month.

National Union: Peter Alonso, a Basebrush, New York Most

In the spring training, it will be ruminated, so that the Metropolitan coach decided to let Alonso from the first-year first-haired list, this decision made the brigade will have a wide star, and he also responded to the coach in his hand. Trust. In 29 games, Alonso handed over 0.292 hits, 0.382 horn ratio with 0.642 long throw rate and 9 strokes, 8 second bases, 1 three bases and 26 points, rapidly become big It will be stronger, 9 outstanding performances of 9 strokes are more flattened, and the history of the big section is in the history of May. Also let him get the best newcomers in the National League this month.