MLB Celebrity Powder Selection Results Announced Chicago Shuangxiong Smith Benes

Beijing During December 10, the Hall of Hall of the Hall of Hall of Harold, was announced by Harold Baines and Lee Smith successfully selected 2019 famous Hall. Smith’s full ticket was elected, and Bains got a 75% judge vote and reached the threshold of the selected celebration.

The two will participate in the Selected Celebrity Ceremony held in Gucy Town on July 21, 2019 and celebration candidates selected through the All-American Baseball Writers Association.

Li - Smith career starts in Chicago Cough Team

Li – Smith career starts in Chicago Cough Team

Smith is 61 years old. He has a total of 18 seasons in the Great Alliance. And the Montreal Expo (predecessor of the Washington National).

As a good performance of SMs, Smith is very good, he has more than 30 seasonal rescue successs in the career more than 30 times. He was selected for 7 times, and 3 times in the CCI Awards were entered 5 or 3 times in the CCI Awards. He has completed 478 rescue success in his career. In 1997, this number has been detained. Now it can be ranked third, second only to Trevo Hoffman, which has entered the celebrity Hall. This year, Maliano Rivera is selected this year. He has been a rescue king of four seasons. In 1991, he successfully rescued 47 times. It is the highest peak of his career. He ranked the second place in the Sai Yang Awards. His career has cast a total of 1289.1, self-blaming rate 3.03.

Bashens career is dedicated to the white stockings in Chicago

Bashens career is dedicated to the white stockings in Chicago

Bashens was crowned with the title of ”professional beat”. He has been with this poker in the career of 22 seasons. He also introduced the first batch of beals since the introduction of the designated blow. Bains career participated in 11092 to hold, playing 2866 security play, ranking 48 in all players in the Alliance; at the same time, he also played a 384 self-playing, and his career hit three is 0.289/0.356 / 0.465.

This selection result is difficult to say that it will not affect the trend of the results of the famous Hall of Fame announced in January 2019. Among the 2019 National Baseball Writers Association, the highest speech is the highest-speaking member Rivi, Edgar Martinez, can be considered to be the upgraded version of Smith and Bains. Rivira is a recognized alliance history the greatest terminal, while Martinez can also be classified into the greatest designated beats.

Edgar Martinez is considered to be the most likely the designated blow of the famous Hall

Edgar Martinez is considered to be the most likely the designated blow of the famous Hall

In the previous selections, we saw some old reporters who did not want to invest votes to the terminator or designated blow. The reason was that they were only responsible for a ”specific task”, especially for the designated blow, especially harsh ( Martinez has been waiting for 9 years outside the famous Hall, this year is his last opportunity). Bains is just a passer in the eyes of the reporters, and he has exited the process of celebrities elections because he did not get enough vote. Smith has waited for 15 years in the voting process, but in the end he will also get half of the votes, the threshold of the last 75% of the ticket is far away.

This time they nominated the famous Hall of Hall through the famous Hall of the Hall of Fame, the reporter and others. This committee will selection a member of the celestial hall in December. Unlike the All-American Baseball Writers Association, these committees were selected by the members of the celebrities including players, coaches, bosses and alliance officials. This committee focuses on each year. This year is the name of the modern baseball, the time span from 1988 to now. As long as the players who have achieved their achievements at this stage are nominated, they will be selected by the nominee by 75% after the review rate vote.

The selection of the last modern baseball Hall of Fame is in 2016, the general manager of the Warriors Warriors of the Warriors in the 1990s, John Xu Holz, was selected as the celebrity hall of that year.