MLB column: Liu Xianzhen, using the ball strategy warrior, playing player is blocked

Text / Liu Zhiheng

Liu Zhiheng, the original Chinese Taipei team pitcher coach, Tianjin Lion Team Pitcher Coach.

On October 5, Beijing time, the National Lianzhuang seasons opened, and the Turki Stadium accused the home advantage, and it is expected that the Taoism can take the head. Dodge sent Han Zuo Xiao Liu Xian Zhen Liu Xian Zhen to the head array, the Warriors took a break and adjusted many days, sent a speed ball Wang Mike – Virtual buttons, from today’s two teams, who won the first game will enter the next round key.

The first game of the Warriors, Frit Button, a big situation, is not a personal state, but he is being smashed by Douliteson and Turner, almost chaos yourself, but it is It is a strong vibrating ability, and finally stabilizes, relying on him to quickly and straight ram ball 96 / 98MPH, and the three three-vibration end of the play will minimize damage.

Frit Button’s second bureau quickly solved the two players, seeing the status of the ball, did not expect the ball and the case, tent on the insurance, and turn to the third boring of the west blow, whole game The winning time, the player is very smart to set the straight ball attack strategy, and I know that the spending ball is in the case, I don’t dare to change the ball, so I quickly set up a straight ball attack, 96Mph is high, straight, slamming one Hit 3 minutes, immediately pull it slightly 4: 0 lead, and the wins the key watershed.

When the Third Bureau of Warriors attacked, the round pitcher Frit Buttons warttered, the result is the three vibration bureau, but the three preparations have been replaced by the second pitcher. This pitcher scheduling is really a bit, maybe the head coach There are different thinking in the direction of the test. The ball is in the first half. I don’t want to waste a player only to play a seat. I should have no help to the team, but the second half will affect the staff dispatch.

Sure enough, in the fifth bureau, there was a runner to the pitcher, at this time, the head coach immediately changed the Suzuki clear, although there was no success, but there was an idea of ??the main coach. To layout.

Daoqi Team Liu Xianzhen is expected to expect that the opening will quickly enter his best, the main investment seven games have no fraction, only hit the four Langxing a base, and the Zhen is still as high as 8 times, so it is so excellent Performance, attributable to a variety of balls, especially in the low angle position, so that the player can’t attack the best hitting point, the polar attitude is not the same as the three 振, but let the player can’t fight After the seventh game is completed, only 104 goals will be completed, and the average one is not used for 15 goals. If the three oscillates are less, the number of spins will definitely be less.

From the broadcast screen, the Warriors pull the talent, facing today’s accurate and low-angle ball position, it is more difficult to adapt to make effective blow contributions. Liu Xianzhen today’s straight ball average 90 / 92MPH, no particularly fast, but use the right-handed perspective low angle, as a win-negative key ball, almost right calls will give up the dead angle attack, very smart, if you want to take the number of spheres, use the outer corner Carter ball, the shift ball occasionally only 76 / 78mph big curball, let the player almost lock the outer corner attack, suddenly the 90/92MPH inner horns win the ball, so it will definitely cause the bearer speed and good shield, the left bearer Just use the Carter ball to make up, very successful ball making yourself to investigate the main distribution.

At the audience, the victory of six-point winning, five-fifth to three home bases to contribute, it is worth mentioning to hit the group is a successful attack strategy, why said, the top two home hits, all lock the Warrior team Pitcher Frit Button Viqi Quiqi Expressway (96 / 98MPH) as an attack target Effective blow strategy.

Dodge is a pitcher, and the second place is scheduled to send him. This strategy layout makes many people in front of the game, why didn’t the first game, the final result of today and Liu Xianzhen, prove that the main coach is really successful. The layout, also makes the speaker more favorable position, after all, this is a five-win-up system, the order of the racing is a rest state, the high Zhangli ball game is more than one day, absolutely improving the physical fatigue of the player, I believe The coach, the player fully discusses the communication, making a decision after being dressed in the sand table, or the layout disregard is possible to lose.