MLB column: Space team Cole-Vilanda also fierce Indians lost due to crosses

Text / former China Taipei team, Tianjin Lion Team Pitcher Coach Liu Zhiheng

On October 7th, Beijing time continued to stage the US subordinate war, the spaceman sent Grit-Cole and Carlos-Karaceco, and both sides got promoted the team. Strong, making this series more exciting stimuli.

Two ace stood on the battlefield of the playoffs, letting the opponent, fans see why they are worth trust, and the season next game will also have an impact because they have an impact.

Cole first has 12K today without paying

Cole first has 12K today without paying

The spaceman first sent a pitcher Kle, the ball was started with average of 97/99MPH with a fast ball, and the strikes were effectively suppressed, and the fast ball entrail is quite a drill. Let the player frequently fall, and the whole pitch is compared to Yesterday. Rand is also more powerful, so the Space team has these strong investment, which is the winning ”fixed pill” of the playoff team.

Cole looks at the broadcast screen, the fast ball is quite oppressed, no matter what is rising or inner, and then match the big curve of the fall in the fall, the two quite best ball interaction is used to make the Indian strike. The group will take the pain to make such a wiring to be effectively suppressed.

Former Metadian MVP Joh-Donaldson's fatal mistake today

Former Metadian MVP Joh-Donaldson’s fatal mistake today

The first five bureaus is limited by Indian Carlos-Calasco, and it is no longer able to cross the Lei Po. number. Jose-Otti lucky hit the three-speed line of the venue, opened the space person counterattled horn, Gonzalers played in the right outside, and the second base runner returned to the base, and the account This offense was attacked by ”Lucky God”, Jose – Otti’s hitting picture clearly saw that the ball is about to start, the ball is rolling and fortunately rolling in the power line, there is a chance. Outside the roll, but the restricted running pressure of the stress of Tangathson quickly brought the stake. Gonzalez played the right field, Cabreira did not handle the earth, let the base runner Bregman ran back to the key overtime score, the two critical opportunities are the team eventually lost the ball defeated, real Unfortunately.

Space people’s head coach today, very active and have a compression strategy. The front stick ”strong attack” is stealing, such as the first half of the second half, I use ”small ball tactics” to steady and stabilize it, it is clearly The runner sent to the point to fight for combat indicators, which is very difficult to see with the past Western strong baseball, and the whole combat implementation is also very stable. This is a great combat strategy. This World War is just right or in the event of a transfer or changing time.

Indian Carlos – Calasco, Space Man is like this fierce line, plus the key to the season, in order to let such a king card can’t eat the basic first-year-old, do not today’s main investment 5 games, The overall performance has reached its own level, but also makes the space people so fierce lines, it is unable to attack the overall situation, regardless of the last ending? It should be given affirmation and applause.

The sixth game is in the time of
change, but the order in which people have some small defects. When the crisis has the first time point, I immediately changed to Zuo Du Andrew Miller to face the right Critical Gang Sarez to discuss space. I don’t look at the results, it should be changed to the third Trevo-Bauer first to face the right, first solve the current crisis, such as the left, replace it, then change to the left, so I think there is discussion space.

Indian three-speed Donald, many high-gloss, beautiful skills, help the team to hold the unrestrained crisis, also drive the team’s critical power, but in the sixth game It’s a lot of beautiful and beautiful, or you can say that there is a super-water performance today.

Although the Indian people have lost the ball, with the absolute disadvantages of being listened, they returned to the third, four battles, in the face of the backshooting battle, and play the momentum to take the first victory, after all There is a line of vitality, I believe it may ”reverse the win” miracle.