MLB column: Sports family vacation first is retreating Yangji offensive more winning

Text / Liu Zhiheng

Liu Zhiheng, the former Chinese Taipei team pitcher coach, Tianjin Lion Team Pitcher Coach.

Sports home first pitcher Hendrick

Sports home first pitcher Hendrick

Beijing time (10/4) The United States outside the United States, the ”big whale pair of decimal shrimp”, Yangji sent Sevilino, the sportsman sent a ”Opener” Hendricks. I believe that when I published a list of pitcher, all fans affirmed the ones, after all, this combination is very topic.

Both sneakers analysis

First of all, it is well known that the sports team first sent a pitcher and weak, and it is ”Bullpenning” strategy. This year, the ”Opener” issue discussed by each team will be used in the game. 10 more.

In the ten false hair, there are eight games that are launched by Hendricks, and the results of the game are ”more than the defeat less” good ending, so today’s important external card, the team continues to make a punches again, I hope that the god of luck in the ball season will win the final victory!

First, from the sonard first, Han Cui Kez, main weapons are fast four sewing straight back, there is still 95Mph during the opening season, after the injury, only 91MPH, this kind of spherical speed is very good Slow change balls can be survived, and they can’t help any big alliance. What’s more, it’s more to face the Best team of the whole group today!

Fruits, the first game, is not a pitching problem. It is the ability to defeat in his own pressure. It is not possible to make a good ball, and the first battaline will be taken. The second stick Jaqi is clearly connected to the outer angle position, but it is vast 91MPH of the 91MPH in the inner corner. Of course, the good player will never give up this ball, and easily pull the left foreign country https://www.fanbutikk.comhome run, this is very Deadly harm.

Rodney is replaced by the total coach

Rodney is replaced by the total coach

The strategy of sportswells, obviously by the team’s best cowshed, relying on strong attack on the basis, but this strategy once again proves that it is a failure strategy, the big league is now, the playoffs need to have good The first-hand pitcher group, and then with strong support for the pitcher group to hold the results. This is a big difference in the playoffs. The team is pursuing victory as the biggest goal. After all, the sudden death ratio is, ”Whoever makes less, who Winning ”, Hendricks, Rodney, Brake Tream, these three pitching content is still normal, but it is the crucial moment is not to be guaranteed, and these gangs will never let go of any good ball. With space, this should be said to be the biggest factor in this war.

In terms of attack, although there are many points of separation, there is no guarantee, and they will attack them in the fifth game, the second base runner, the turn to the center, three, four sticks, this time Batanasia trunks, the pitching state and Sevielino are very similar, the ball is fast, the big curve is sharp, the result is unable to cross the tailor, not a pitcher, there is no chance to fight the ball effect, special When three bats were thrown into the red, they lost their straight balls. Unfortunately, they hit the ball to hit the ball, hit the Chinese and foreign wilderness, so the ball was grasped, I believe that the 2: 0 ratio at the time is likely to be ”changing” ”War, very unfortunately, very good chasing, even a good opportunity.

Yang Bayi Sevilino has prepared and changing this event. From the bureau, the bureaus strategy is great. In the past three games, the first game is 98Mph tiger and the fast-moving straight straight straight and quick deal. Solved the bureau, let the player can’t think of space, but the second bureau has changed its strategy, directly attacking a large number of quick-slugging balls, and the bureau is driving more than 15 goals, but the straight ball can’t speculate 3
goals, the third game The number of good spheres that have been straightforward, the number of variables that have fallen, and finally the key ball is in the slogan, the overall effect is very good, so that the sportsist is not able to touch the ball, the first three games There are 6 multi-Zhen, very obvious that the player is difficult to adapt, almost suppressed success, this strategy is a big change in the past.

Sevilino came from the broadcast picture, it is really attractive today, the main horizontal speed has the best state 87/89Mph, plus 97 / 99MPH fast straight ball, the player is difficult to effectively attack, such as hard It is not good to say that there are too many pickers. Seven in the four games vast 3 bats, causing four guarantees, but fortunately, there is no harm, and it is possible to not end out.

Yangji game front sand table, as long as the Sixth Bureau is traveled, the rearid forces will be sent to the field, and the strong and powerful support forces give the Betvailable team’s largest back shield, so in the coach dispatch, more confident, today, today In such a pitcher layout is a success schedule.

Yangji seizes offensive opportunities

The Second Bureau Sangel did not grasp the second pitcher of the livingist, and the falling crash did not have an additional score in a timely manner, but he played the guerrilla roll to create a double kill, missed the winning key points. Strictly speaking, in the state of blowing, you can do some tactics, escort the runner to the strike, let the lower abash, there is any sacrifice to play again, increase the number of points 3: 0, After all, there are differences in baseball culture, and each coach’s thinking direction is definitely different, this is never a tactical tactics that is wrong.

Alon – Jiaqi, Stanton, these two attack center characters, today play the team leader responsibility, as long as any job opportunity can come forward in a timely, bring the team against the corner, this is a successful contribution today.

The second itself waving speed is very fast, coupled with the high-horse big hand, it is like someone else, and it is possible to play the homework in the wall. Today, it hits the home run, such as someone else. I am afraid that the ending will have different results, but these two have predicted predictions before the game, and the branch team’s grades, these two will be an attack indicators.