MLB column: winemaker coach group, good use of big data pitcher wheel war

Text / former Chinese Taipei team pitcher coach Liu Zhiheng

On October 16, Beijing time, the Third War of the State Party Finals was played. Plays the stability of the pitcher, the winemaker final 4-0 complete the Daoqi.

It is obvious that the first two battles of this partition reflect the advantages of the two teams, as well as the overall combat policy. Dodge the first World War is very patient, struggling, intensity and depth line, a large number of molor brewers to proud cowshed, reversing the battle to recover the victory strategy, the first World War is a success strategy. After a day after a day, return to the third, fourth and five battles will re-layout, is it really changed, worth looking forward to?

The winemaker analysis team is definitelyses the feasibility of this set of concepts, as well as side effects behind the battlefield; big data strategy tells them that even if a large number of cowshouses may have more doubts, just, they encounter the most tenacious opponents, the whole The challenge is more difficult, and the opponent’s overall strength is really too for them, so it is not possible to grasp 2 to 0 advantages to the Los Angeles to play three consecutive battles, which is undoubtedly a ”super task”!

Biller has played a good speed today, but the key moment is played two points.

Biller has played a good speed today, but the key moment is played two points.

After a day, the performance of both sides is ideal, almost all effectively presses the player, Dodge young Walker-Biller casts the ball to tiger tiger, the fast-moving ball is from 97-99 miles, let the player frequently fall the empty three vibrations. Compared to the upper field, there are a lot of improvement in the Warriors, the ball is improved, and the ball is more flexible, and the promotion will help the next confidence.

Brewer Joris-Xie Xin is the most stable first firmer, two stitching stretch cards to transverse, regardless of the angle or sinking speed, absolutely super quality stretch card, with precision ball It is one of the biggest heroes to win the ball to play the ball.

Cori-Knebell Relay 1.1 The situation has changed on the four players, and the physical fatigue state has changed. Recently, the three consecutive battles have been scheduled to teams. It is definitely a lot of news. Instead, it will be a big challenge. How to break through this defense will be a big attack topic.

Dodge is lost today, there is no effective attack, and there is no success. Let itself, then find a better condition, and the result is more confident, let yourself fail. This is the problem to be actively correct. If this series, you must win will definitely be more difficult.

On the contrary, the winemaker has a good idea. Although it is first-praised and suppressed, there is a chance to come to the entire attack surface more independent, escorting the running bar, and the hitting point requires the first to hit the ball as the principle, to divide the goal, The attack strategy is fairly successful.

The coach of the two sides is very frequent in the playoffs. The playback option and the bench are often underestimated – I want to help the Pitcher who will win the playoffs at any time. The more good players will never After a loss, the divertation time is also important. After the Taoism is hitting in the seventh game, he should be changed immediately. The result is slightly slowed down by Orlando, Garcia, and rather than Immediately pull 4-0 wins

The winemaker is getting a circle on the Sixth Bureau of the Sixth Bureau, and the head coach immediately replaced the Knebell to solve the crisis. At that time, 2-0 lead, the space is not given to the opponent, actively transferring the troops. Fully ensuring victory, never hesitate, or the consequences are difficult to expect. The same pitcher scheduling is only different, and the ending is different.

This backbrain is in the National Union Championship. We can’t say that the strategy of winemaking is failed – their team is absolutely less than the big market, not to mention the way to play all the way. The League Championship, the team is cohesive, combat power, never give up yourself, do your own role, waiting for the play to make contributions to the team, all the winning goals, should say this time the league playoff, the biggest surprised ball team.