MLB – Davis 7 bureau quality first brewer 4-1 defending Daoqi

On April 14th, Beijing time, the Milwaukee’s wine troops challenge the Los Angeles Daoqi in the Dodge Stadium. This is the second game of the first series of battles this season, and the winemaker team’s second game is the lead The score, the winemanship is leading the lead, eventually winning the Daoqi team at 4-1.

Zach - Davis sent 7 bureaus quality first

Zach – Davis sent 7 bureaus quality first

[Data Highlight]

The wine troops first pitched Zach – Davis vote 7 games 8 Anwen 0 to keep 6 three https://www.fanbutikk.comvibrations only 1 point.

Dodge team first firing Carrab Club – Ferguson only shot 2.2 games 4 placement 2 to keep 2 three vibrations 2 points.

[Competition process]

The 1st game of the game, both sides have an all-in-one, which can be said that each game has the emergence of playing and guaranteed, but the top 4 bodies in the game only rely on Yangchun gun score, the second bureau’s half-brewed people Musta Casangchun cannon, the 4th game, the semi-blog team, the Aesia Yangchun, the second half, the Dodge Team Berlin Jieyang Spring cannon.

The Dodge team first sent a pitcher Ferguson who took two out of the bureau after the third game was taken by Graniro, and the four-bad balls were brought to Musakas. They were only voted for 2.2. Replacing the trunk Pitcher Santana exploded and the four bad balls were guaranteed to be able to build Agah, but eventually, the three vibrated Tel Avis-Xiao relieves the crisis.

The fourth game ends: The wineman team leads to the Tao Team in 2-1.

In the upper half of the 5th game, the Dodge Capture Russell Martin was deported by the referee, and the cramps of the wineman team were hit by tentabed the ball, and then Musakas hit it, Aguilar election The four bad balls have been made upstairs. Although the coach visited the hunger, it is no good, the wineman team is a base, and the 2 points of the game is 2 points.

The 5th Bureau ended: The wineman team leads to 4-1 leads.

There are no waves in the next few games, and the final wineman has defeated Dodge in 4-1.

[Two sides starting]

Milwaukee Sprong Team:

First stick Chinese and foreign wilder Lorenzo – Kane

Second Bar Right Outer Wilder Cristian – Yalege

Third rod left outer wilder Len – Braun

Fourth Bar Catcher, Asmani-Graniro

Fifth rod two based Mike – Mostaas

Sixth Based on a Basebrush, Hess, Aga

Seventh sticks Trilis – Xiao

Eighth Battle Orance – Assia

Ninth, first-hand pitcher Zach – Davis

Los Angeles Daoqi Team:

First stick Chinese and foreign wilder A.j. Pollock

Second Bar Guide – Sig

Third stick, three base, Justin Turner

Fourth stick right wilder hand Cody-Beilinjie

Fifth stick two bases Enrique – Ernand

Sixth Based on Makos – Mangxi

Seventh stick left outer wilder Chris Taylor

Eighth stick arrested Ostdom – Barnes

Ninth Bat First Potter Carrab – Ferguson

[Next prospect]

The two teams will launch the third game of the series, the first firing of the wineman team is Xie Xin, the game is playing the battle of the Red Tit 5 bureau, and the Dodge is 0: 4.