MLB-Dodge home zero seal mostly 2-0 and win the opponent to win the series

On May 31st, Beijing time, Los Angeles Daoqi will conduct a final competition for the series of New York in the homeland. After the last session of the game, the game was more reversed. The game was suppressed by Dodge pitcher, Liu Xianzhen 7.2 The bureau did not lose, and Jensen was jointly zero. In the end, Dodge wins 1 game, and the series defeated metrics.

[Data Highlight]

Dodgery, Liu Xianzhen 7.2 The bureau did not lose, and 7 three vibrations were
only guaranteed, Mangxi and Ernand, 1 point; Metropolitan, Wagas 7.0 game only lost 1 point.

[Competition process]

In the second half of the first game, the first battles of Dodge, Tortyer, tapping, a three-run security, a three-player, gaining a chance to win in the game; then Mangsi did not waste a good opportunity, a two-column security back to teammate 1-0 leader, this is the 9th base play of the Mangxi season; after this, Berlinje and Vido are selected to pay four-bad balls, but other hunters have not continued to score.

In the third bureau, Liu Zhenxian showed the strongest state in the Taoist team, and sent to the metropolis first, two rods, Rosario and JD-Davis one person a three-oscillating, completed the half-bureau .

In the third bureau, Wagas lost 1 point and was hit and saved, but he had been able to maintain a score. This Council was knocked out of Fritz and Beilinjie, but Ernand Schling ball out, Viguro double kill, once again resolved the loss crisis.

In the fourth game, Liu Chengxian faced the large capital center, and completed three three three times. After the four games came to face the way he had not yet broken.

The next game, the two pitters were gone, opened a throw war until the end of the seven games did not lose, after seven games, Wagas used 98 balls, was hit by 6 security, 6 times, And 3 guarantees, remove 1 point for the opening, and the rest of the time performance. Liu Xianzhen is even more, and the 7 games were only hitting 3 security, and seven three vibrations and 1 time.

In the middle of the eighth game, Liu Xianzhen continued to shoot, Nito rolled out, Ramos knocked out the weak earth, but the Dodge is a little far away from the wild, Taylor ran back but did not pick up the ball, Ramos Go to the first base; then Rosario guerrilla direction rolling the earth leads to a runner out, Rosario successfully escaping the double kill; at this time, Liu Xianzhen was changed by the Terminator Jensen, and the 7.2 game did not lose. Jensen three-ball three-oscillated player, and the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comlast half of the bureau will be collected.

In the second half of the eighth game, the Wagas layout, 7 games only lost 1 point but was a candidate. Smith debut first was hit by Fritz outstanding, standing on the station; then, Ernand, right outside, and Fritz quickly ran back home base, and Dodge scored again in the eighth game, 2-0.

In the first half of the ninth game, Alonso was sent to the base, but the other players did not capture the scores, and the Dodge is greatly won.

[Two sides starting]

Most of New York:

1 Amed Rosario guerrilla

2.JD-Davis left outer wilder

3. Michael – Kangfuto right wilder

4. 阿 阿https://www.mlbtrojerse.com隆 索 一 手

5. Todd Fraser

6. Carlos – Gonzalez Chinese and foreign wilder

7. A Diani – Echa Varia

8. Thomas Nito Catcher

9. Jason Wagas Pitcher

Los Angeles Daoqi Team:

Chris Taylor guerrilla

2. Mados Mangxi

3. David – Fritz

4. Cody – Beilinjie right wilder

5. Enrick – Ernandez 2rd base

6. Alex Vvour

7. Russel Martin Catcher

8. Matt-bit left outer wilder

9. Liu Xianzhen pitcher

[Next prospect]

The two teams of the next game greet the challenges of the new team, and the metropolitan will go to Phoenix, facing the snake. This game is the first firman is Zach-Ville, and the season is 4 wins and 3 losses. 4.63 self-blame rate, Ville is currently the most durable, stable first in the Metropolitan team, 5 games played in May In the competition, at least 4 games were passed by more than 7 bings, and 78 spots were sent in the 70 game.

And Dodge continued to fight the Philadelphians at home, and Dodge is expected to send Yutian Jian Tai ’s first hair, 6 wins and 2 losses 3.67 self-blame rate, which has already won the victory in three consecutive games, 23.2 in May The 28 times, only 5 passes, only the hit rate is only. 146, good condition.