MLB first person Turdite single field 7 points, only 27 locked in the celebrity hall?

The 2019 season, the MLB regular season is close to half. ”Mr.” Mike Tempete once again proved that he is the first person in today’s alliance. In today’s game, he six shots knocked out three anaba, and the single two roses had a seven points of career.

In the Los Angeles Angel, the Los Angeles, the Los Angeles, which came to the Toronto Bluebird, and Turlit was only used by the four games, and there was a full of guns and one branch. . The whole game Angel has achieved the victory
in 11-6, and Turuit will contribute 7 points.

In the case of no one out of the fourth game, Mike Truite played a full range of guns, the escape speed of the baseball was 110.9 mi / h, and the first bureau’s fetching speed was 111.3 mi / hour.

This is his first time in the tracking of MLB Statcast, in the same game, it is 110+ miles / h. This kind of Japan has also paid the performance of the single field.

After the end of this game, Truite’s offensive index reached 1.113, which is the highest level of career. He has contributed to the angel day, and he has stepped into the gate of the famous Hall of the famous hall. It’s hard to imagine that he is only 27 years old.

Now that the best ways of each major alliance team against Quitt are not taken – let him play. Of course, every pitcher wants to be heroes and three vibrations, but there is no one that can suppress Tuur in these days.

However, poor is that the first person of the league is not as good as his personal data. Tuuri lacks a few strong helper. At present, the ”biochemical person” in the angels has already across the peak, although the level of the Great Valley is not bad but it seems still lacking that the destructive power of the city is so destroyed. Angel beat is not enough to make the team further during the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Angel is currently more than 5%, but the ranking is third. It can kill a road in the fiercely competitive Meilai West District, and the answer is still unknown. But one thing is determined, that is, Tuuri is still at both end of Carry, Carry, which is the whole angel team, and he may become the greatest player in the history of baseball.

There are two baseball superstars in Los Angeles City this season to compete for MVP, Cody-Beilin Jie and Turur although a different alliance, it is inevitable to compare two people in Los Angeles fans. This season, Belllin’s fire force is slightly wind, but considering the long-term personal data since Turuit, he should be a true Los Angeles baseball.