MLB-front Luke two-game defense line in New York Fit Lemeu for two years signing

According to MLB official website, the New York Yangji team has reached an agreement with the free player DJ-Le Mei Yu, and the two sides signed a contract with a $ 24 million contract.

At the age of 30, he was taken under the 2007 election in the 2007 election, but he chose to continue to study university. In 2009, the Chicago Cousian team used the two-wheeled sign again to choose him again, which opened his baseball career. After completing the confidential show in 2011, he rolled into a four-person trading and was sent to the Colorado Squad.

Come to the Lokja Mei Hugh gradually stabilized, as a team’s main two-base, although the firepower is not the top of the league, but a good contact with the ball (career hits the rate. 298) and the low-vibration rate (career The tri-vibration rate is 15.2%), giving the team a very good series, and long-term role of the team’s second rod. The 2016 season is his best season, and the three-season 192 security ranking is the third, and the 3% 48 hits the entire alliance, and there is also a length of 5% of the upper and nearly 50%. Rate. However, the influence of last Sales Le Mei is injured, and the worst transcript since 2015 has been paid, only 128 games, the number of beats, hits, and the oscillation rate have a small landslide.

Le Meihui will be with the front team friend Turovaski in Yang Bi team again

Le Meihui will be with the front team friend Turovaski in Yang Bi team again

Unlike the alliance, most of the two bases are high, Leme is 193cm, which makes his defensive range very much. Last season, the Golden Handline Award, the third time of his career. If the official data can’t explain, he is still the winner of the Bible Award. Attack and defensive balance, this should be a sideline to him.

Prior to this, two of the two bases that were selected for all stars were also founded in Jed Lowrie and Brain Dozier. Lori 2 years 20 million US dollars to join New York Most Dothal 1 year 9 million US dollars to join Washington’s nationals. Compared with these two all-star second bases, the contract of Le Mei Hugh suddenly suddenly, because the team has its own super newcomer Gleyber Torres on the second base position.

As a large parate season last season, Torres was mostly different in the first half of the season. If it was not slightly weak next half, perhaps the best rookie award has incorporated into the sac. Despite this, Torres’s entire season of data is also a lot of Bimi. Take a $ 24 million to sign an minutes from Torres to compete with Torres? Is this strange?

The Jiangji team is in the La Mei's uncomfortable ability in the second base.

The Jiangji team is in the La Mei’s uncomfortable ability in the second base.

In the wild, despite the main guerrilla dendi-Gregori, Didi Gregorius missed ligament replacement surgery, it was missed for a long time, but
Yangji did not give up this excellent player, and they also signed with a basic salary. Troy Tulowitzki to strengthen the depth; in the three-stroke zone, Miguel Andujar, although it is excellent in combating achievements last season, the bad defensive technology still makes many people Can he have long been questioning for a long time, the position of the main three bases is questioned. At present, it seems that the Bay is still trusting their newcomers; in the first base, it is also a newcomer Luke, Voit (Luke Voit) Temporarily leading, and then a poised Greg Bird in the past two years.

The arrival of Le Mei is undoubtedly strengthened the depth of Yangji, but he didn’t leave two bases in the past 4 years, and the top base of Yangji, the third base position did not improve.

Although this signing is currently there a lot, it is convinced that Manny Macha has been more and more far away from the foundation.