MLB – Gold Breil or returning to Atlanta Warriors Philadelphians are looking for Kaket

The new season has passed nearly 1 month, and the top of the league Terminator Craig Kimbrel is still available. But Gold Breil is not found, with the season’s demand, the needs of top terminors have risen.

Jinbreier career starting point is Atlanta Warriors

Jinbreier career starting point is Atlanta Warriors

Considering that Kim Brell’s 9 seasons in the Great Alliance is very good, the loss of career self-blame is only 1.91, and the average number of people per base is only 0.92, and the number of three vibrations per nine game is 14.7 times, with 333 rescue success. Experience. As long as Jinbreier is willing to put down the body, naturally, a large number of chasers willing to offer contracts.

Warriors Terminator Season Reimbursement is urgent

Fireball Terminator Vis Kino Range Resell

Fireball Terminator Vis Kino Range Resell

On April 18th, Beijing time, Atlanta Warriors announced the team’s terminator Arocaino accepted the right shoulder surgery and reimbursed season. It is worth mentioning that the previous team’s left pitcher Johnny Venters and the right spending Darren Oyy have also hurt the injury list. Visheno’s lack is more snow to the Warriors.

The warrior’s cowshed is not only invaded. At present, the overall play of cowshed pitters is not very ideal, and the overall self-blame is as high as 5.43. At this time, the Warriors fans asked Jinbreier’s call to returning to the team.

”Dragon King” Jinbrell has a killer rapid curball

Jinbreier’s potential, Warriors naturally named, but Milwaukee’s winemakers and Philadelphia also interested him. The success of the Warriors is 9 wins and 7 losses, and it is a bit slower than other competitors in the same area. With the deepening season, the pressure on the shoulders of the Warriors will increase. To solve this problem, it is obvious that Jin Barry is a good solution.

If the Warriors want to sign back to Jinbreier, a major obstacle is the problem of compensation sign. According to US reporter Mark Bowman, Jinbreier refused the $ 17.9 million qualified quotation for the 1 year of the $ 17.9 million in Boston’s
red socks, so if the Warriors checked Jinbreier before the draft of June, they will give up The 60th selection right of the hand in the hands, the team will also have a space of $ 1150,000 in space.

Due to the warriors, the team has been severely punished because of the violation of the regulations, the team not only gave up 13 potential rookie, but also fined last year’s third round of draft. In the 2019-2020 window, the warriors will not exceed 10,000 US dollars, while the 2020-2021 window Warriors will be reduced by half. Thus, the front team in the 2021 season cannot be signed in the international player market, so the draft is an important way for the team to supplement young players. This draft Warrior also has a sign and 21 sign. At this point, the Warriors’ draft will look more precious.

Philadelphians or grabbed the opportunity Kales close at hand

There are rumors in the league Dallas Keuchel and the goal of Kim Brer will soon, the two will decide to finally go. There are no pursuits in the market. Philadelphians are representative teams.

However, Philadelphians have a good grade, which accounts for active position in the fighting war of Guandong District. It seems that Philadelphians don’t need to make up the team.

But the US media commentator is not as good. ”We know that Philadelow wants to pay money, they signed Harper. They have reinforced lines, but their pitks are still short. Think about Kales and Jinbreier, they should have to seize this opportunity. ”

Commentator Mark Swini also believes that in view of the new support of the team’s new sign, the team should sign Jinbreier in a timely manner. Jinbreier will become the final puzzle of the team rushing.

Frankman Frank Thomas also believed that Jinbreier was worth a fee. ”If the team wants to enter the World Competition, the ninth game will have a final ender. Jin Brell is such a person.”