MLB Japan Sai -7, half a bomb, 4 points, Japanese star team, reverse the US star

On November 14th, Beijing time, MLB Meita Star Fifth War Master’ s Nagoya Zhonglong is on the home court. The Japanese team re-reversed the US team by the excellent playback of the Japanese team, and the big score is 4-1 lead, and the two sides will make the last contest.

[Data Highlight]

The Japanese team’s today’s hero is a MVP A Fürten, which is also a key moment. The two areas of the Japanese team have become the key to reversing the Japanese team. Shang Lin Cheng and Gangota and true have two security, first firing Dongbu 3 The game was smashed by 6, and the 3 points were thrown 2 times.

The US team knocked out 14 security waves, Sodo and Rosario have three security, Hoskins has a home run, Gala 5, high-quality first, was hit 1 1 point, 7 tristers and three guarantees.

[Competition process]

The first half of the US star team offensive, the Japanese team sent soft silver first pitcher to the huge pitch. Rosario knocked out to the right outside, Molina waving, and Molina took the Barbed Barrier with the explosion of the Dongbang. Santana knocked out the second base to roll the earth, and the Japanese team two bases Handa Philosoli passed the bureau. Akunia knocked out the top of the earth, and the fields in the fields fell to assassinate them.

1 The second half of the Japanese team offensive, the US team sent a winemaker pitcher Hunio or Garaban. Tian Zhong’s auxiliary station was hit by Zhenzhen, and the Jane Po is selection to the housing. Yamada Philosopher’s leader in the inner high-speed ball was killed by Santana in the world of the world, Liu Tian Youyi stood and was out of the game.

The 2nd game has continued to spread the ball. The US team stroke knocks out of the left outer field weak flat flipball to form a housing, Huoskins makes a home run, the US team holds 2-0 lead. After that, Hanghg right in the right country was killed by Shanglin, and Ernande is selected to keep the upper base. Aftermer, Merfield knocked out the left outer wild flight, Ernand, to the second base. Rosario secondary direction inland high flying was killed by Yamada Philosopher, Molina Zhongyu Gao Flying Balls were killed by Liu Tian.

2 The lower half of the bureau continues to shoot, Okamot and I really knocked out the Chinese and foreign country homes to help the Japanese team recovered one point, Shang Lin Cheng Zhiqi’s right foreign wild ball was killed by Hanig. A Fürta also stood in the Sentunts, the field and the foundation of the Chinese and foreign wild highlights were killed by Akunia.

The 3rd game of the top half of the country team offensive, Santana knocked out the football, the field and the true self-timing bun were assassinated. Akunia knocked out the left outer field, the second base, the Sodo complemented the middle and foreign wild rolling, and Akuna ran back home score, the US team 3-1 leaded. Hoskins watched the rod and was attached to the Zhenzhen, and the Hanger guerrilla direction was killed by the Sunda Strong Light.

3 The second half of the bureau continues to shoot, and Yuan Tian is bright and bright. Tanaki walked out the second base direction, and Merfield passed the housing to assassinate it. Jane Chry Bools have been killed, and Yamada can choose to keep the upper base. Liu Tianyou’s three-strokes in the inner high-spirited high-spirited.

4 bureaus, in the middle of the Japanese team, the Binnegun, Ernan Des waved the air, and Merfield also waved the air to be out of the bureau. Rosario knocked out the left of the left country, Mount Molina made a mid-to-three wild school, Rosario ran back to the home base score, the US team 4-1 leads. Santana is selected, but Akunia is standing by Senang.

4 The second half of the bureau continues to spread, Okamoto and real standing by the San Zhen, Shanglin Chengzhi Tassel Directs in the inner high-spirited high-speed ball being killed by Erninus. The Fürto also waved the rod, and the Garah was completed in three three.

The 5th Bureau has long been in the middle of the market, and the stroke is selected to keep the upper base, and the Hoskins waves the air to be divided.

Harnig knocked out the left outer far ball was killed by Tianzhong and the base, and Ernand is knocking out the second base direction in the direction of the mountain, and the mountain is killed by Yamada Philosopher.

5 The second half of the bureau continues to shoot, the field and the base stick are lost by the three vibration, and the Sunda is strong and tapped out of the second base to roll the earth. Tanaki walked out of the guerrillas in the wild rolling earth by Rosario.

The 6th Bureau, half a Japanese team, changed the Hiroshima pitcher Okuma Mingzhang, Merfield knocked out the football, and the Okamoto and really slammed the base. Rosario once again knocked out the left of the left country, Molina, Molina, Rosaro, the second base, but Molina’s right foreign country high-flying ball was killed by Shanglin. Santana made a left outer field, Rosario ran back home score, the US team 5-1 leads. Akunia also added a homework, Santana to the second base. The Sodo waves fell by the three vibrations to the offensive of this half-bureau.

6 The second half of the United States replaced the pitcher, the Extor-Wawzquez, the Red Socks. Jane Chiki is knocked out of the guerrilla direction, and the Rosario biopsy will assassinate it. Yamada Philosopher waved the air and was killed, and Liu Tianyou knocked out the swing direction, and the Rosario biochemistry assured him.

7 The Japanese team replaced the music of the music. The Hoskins guerrillas in the inner high-spirited highlights were killed by the source of the field. Harny knocked out the globe in the guerrilla direction, and the Sunda Strong brightest passed the housing. Ernande was knocked out to the forestead of the left, and the Merrifield Zhong and the wild high-flying ball was killed by the field and the base.

7 The next half Wakzkez continued to shoot, Okamot and really knocked on the right outside, Shanglin Cheng made a right of the right foreign field, and the Gangoto and true to the third base. Jiajia Tinto also added a place of play, Okamoto and true score, Shanglin Cheng’s second base, https://www.mlbboutique2.comJapanese team 2-5 backward. After that, the field and the basics were forced to share, and Wattz had a mistake. Shang Lin Chengzhi is divided. Yuan Tian’s strong waves were shipped by the San Zhen, and the mountains and rivers were knocked out of the left outer field, and the Japanese team will chase the score to 5-5 flat. Chrysanthemachi is in the middle and foreign wild high-flying balls that are killed by Akunia, and the mountain philosopher guerrillas roll the earth.

8 bureau, half a Japanese team, replaced Zhonglong pitcher Sato, Rosario and Molina continuous waves were empty, Santana knocked out Chinese and foreign wild two bases, Akuna pitcher rolled earth, Sato Preferential hill treatment hypothesis will assassinate it.

8 The second half of the country team sent Dan-Otailo picked up, Otysaki elephant left foreign wild ball was attacked, Gangoto and the true guideline roll, Rosario biochemistry assured. Shanglin Chengzhi knocked out the right outer wildfellet and slamming the upper base, and Jia Fei Tuo also added a left outer wild two base to beat, Shang Lin Chengzhi, Japan 6-5 anti-ratiographic score. Tanaka and the right-owned field high flying ball were killed by Hanigi.

The 9th Bureau, the upper half of the Japanese team, sent the music pitcher Matsushi Yu Tao closed, Soto knocked out the left of the left country, and Huoskins waved the air to be out of the bureau, then Harnig forced campaign, guerrillas originate The second base assassinated the shot of Pilar, and after the Fürtae also closed the second base assassination Hanger to complete the double kill, the ultimate Japanese team 6-5 anti-super US team, the total score 4-1 leads.

[Two sides starting]

Japanese star team

A stick of three bases

Two sticks designated striry

Three sticks two bases

Four sticks in the wilderness Liu Tian Yanti


Six sticks right wilder hands Shang Lin Chengzhi know

Seven sticks right catcher

Eight stick left outer wilder field and base

Nine stick guerrillas

American star team

A stick of guerrillas Amed Rosario

Two sticks, Yady, Molina

Three sticks, Karlos-Santana

Four sticks Chinese and foreign wilder Lord Ronard – Akunia

Wood left outer wilder Han-Sodo

Six rods designated to fight Lis-Hoskins

Seven sticks right wilder Mickey – Hanger

Eight sticks, three bases, Errick Ernand

Nine sticks two bases Whit – Merfield