MLB new scorpion pilot is praised by the "Tian Chi" will be the Golden Savior?

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The 2019 annual task is officially opened yesterday, the most striking is Bal’s Moji, the company, the Catcher of Oregon State University, the youth is ”continuing” Why do you have an orange shirt? For Jinji, what does he meant to the team?

Legendary coach family from small natural power

Adel-Rucchman was born in the small town of Portland borders in the United States, the northwest Oregon, Rujiman inherited the family’s steel will and the natural power, not only easily hit the home run, but also The long code number of long code is raised on the football court. Of course, not all athletes rely on talents. Due to Rujiman’s grandfather Ed is the famous baseball and football amphibious instructor in the United States – the only one in history and The coach of the rugby NCAA champion, Eddil’s father, Langdie, has also been arrested by the Linfield College, Edison, but fails to achieve the prosperous career, so Ed Just will pin it. On the grandson.

Father, Langdie, was an extremely humblely, Rujiman said: ”The father of others will urge their children to play, and point out the mistakes, but my dad is never like this.” It is this. Under the relaxed environment, the fourth grade Ruckman wrote the goal of life: ”The Great Works of the United States.”

Grandfather Edward hopes to cultivate Lukeman to become a four-point guard in Shelwood High School, and shoulder the position of Luceman in the football position gradually changed into a player, and put more energy in the baseball field. In the case, it will not be, then Xiao Luqiman has been selected by the second line of baseball, in 2016 MLB draft conference, Seattle sailors have used the 40th round of signing this high school student, Su Luqiman resolutely chooses to enter Oregon continues Baseball and football career.

Entering the rookie season of the Oregon Big Beaver team, Ruciiman hit the three per surroundings in the 61 game. 234 / .322 / .306, two home runs and 33 points. Entering the 2nd, Lukeman and Nick Madribar (18th Treasure 4), Trevo Rarna (18th Sports), Cardin-Granna (18 Years 37) Leading the Beaver Team won the NCAA World Competition champion, and the Lukeman in the entire playoffs hit the record of 17 security and 13 points, and finally won the most outstanding players in the World Competition.

Rujiman’s leaders are not only reflected in the field. He is willing to pay the money to buy a ticket is to organize more than a dozen teammates to watch the ”Avengers League 4”, and the teammates play the ”American captain” because the reason is Clean and description of the image and the strong muscles, but he prefer another nickname – ”Mr. Key (English pronunciation is similar).” ”

Competition style is full of excellence

When Dali Duqiman served as a player in the football team, Du Qi kicked 20 aircraft, and in the competition of Stanford University, the opponent was faster, and Lukeman completed one. Remember to be exciting, every mention here, Rujiman exposed a face ”under this strength” expression, because the attacking hand is now playing the star of NFL Carolina Black Leopard Run Kerristian – McCarre. In fact, there were many teammates who had a lot of beavers, and if Rucgent continued to play football, it will become a NFL player in the future.

Keller Murre, the University of Oklahoma, was selected by the Auckland sight by the Auckland sportsman last year, but he resolutely chose to participate in the NFL draft and became a champion. Rujiman is precisely because of the borderless and sincerity, it will eventually make him a champion.

Many scouts believe that Ru Timan’s ”completion” is better than today, many small alliance players, and even some people think that he is the most powerful draft lottery in Brice-Harper in 2010, so that these crystal abuse, now Ru Timan is high in the top 52 games in this season. 584 (69 guarantees, 36 times by Zhen), his excellent defensive, left and right battles, accurate choice, and leadership ability to show the fullest.

As a catcher, Rujiman has 6 feet 2 inch 215 pounds of high body, ball and management base, plus the experience of playing rugby quad-saving experience, can use a thick arm to go Snik killing the runner of the chance. In 2019, the 16th pirates of the opponent Luceman actually caught more than half of them, and the average time of the big league passed the ball from the home home to the second base, and Lukeman ? Less than 1.8 seconds!

And as a bellier, Rujiman is not high at the end of the big one, and in the summer, he continued to sway your youth in the long-term reputation League League. Not. The Ru Timan decision was changed: ”I want to try to find the way to make yourself, let the game more efficient, I started to study the path of the waves, which will make your waving better.”

Not only is a blow, the crucial is also a lot of Ludhen

Not only is a blow, the crucial is also a lot of Ludhen

This process took half a year. In the second quarter, everyone was shocked for the progress of Rujiman. His hits rose to 40%, 9-year-old horn 83 points, and the offensive index reached an amazing 1.133.

In the third quarter, due to teammates in Madriga, Rarno and Glena, many people think that the teammates around Rujiman have no time, so the other person’s pitcher will change to Rujiman’s pool strategy. Its hitting rate has a break-off step, not surprising, but the 56th game in the third season is completed, and the three-oscillating ratio is a variety of 75:37, the hit rate reaches the horror. 418, offensive index It is 1.344 astronomical figure, which makes him unable to win the best player award in the Pacific Twelve Alliance.

How many horrific is in the sigh of the robbing? When this year’s NCAA playoffs, Oregon, at the University of Xinxinnati, the second half of the seven bureaus fell behind the beef collar, just in the Rujiman crackdown, at this time, Xinxinati University would rather pay the ”suicide” to deliberately paying ”suicide” 1 point, I don’t want to give the Lukiman to fight the opportunity, this is the treatment of Barry Bonz and Josh-Hamilton.

In the evaluation of the official website of the big league, Rujiman’s hitting accuracy, hitting power, arms and gaze were hit 60 points (full points 80), as a player who has never been quenched by the professional team farm system Words, Rujiman’s comprehensive and integrity have been praised by the intersection of the outside world.

Undoubtedly, Ru Timan is the biggest popular candidate this year.

Talent Ji Ji, why is he standing out?

The outside world has a universal understanding of this year’s draft selection, that is, ”the head weighing is lightweight,” This team, especially the golden draft of the hand, which is especially critical.

If Jinyan picks high school guerrillas, small Bobby Wit-First, Wit is a baseball family, although young but does not lack basic skills, and looks unlimited, plus high-time picking inwell hands is also the general manager of Jinyu Lias’s dose style, so choose Vitter is not thick.

If Jinyine is selected, the University of California, Andru-Warn, no matter his preparation position, or directly as a designated blow, this short-liver is able to bring glossy to fight firepower.

If the Golderio is selected from the high school guerrillas CJ Abrams, Abrams has the most scarce pure sports talent, and his strength is getting stronger, plus his future can go to the field. This is very suitable for golden.

General Manager Mike Elias, I have said before the draft: ”We have never made a decision, etc.

When Elias was the supervisor of the Space Swong Probe, the 2012 year signed them jumped over the draft Dawn – Buckston, and chose Puerto Rico guerros – Correa; 2015 Space Man Also use the list of the list of three bases, Alex Bregman, these two have become the huice minister of the 2017 Spaceman won the championship, which is also ”surprising” at the draft conference is also the characteristics of Elias.

In the end, the choice of this year’s meta-signed is basically concentrated between Russian and Wit.

Little Bobby Witt ”five all-round”, the potential is unlimited, the old man is the big union, plus the old uncle Give, Wit, now in Jinyu, the scout, is undoubtedly ”related households”, In addition, Many people think that Wit will threaten the position of Rujiman.

Some scouts questioned the shoulders of Rujiman, and the peak period of the catcher is usually not too long, such as the previous chapter catcher – 2001 Zhu Qiao-茂尔, Jinji’s first round pick-up catcher- In 2007, I have justified the state of the year, I have just been able to decline the straight line, or the comprehensive and power of the Rujiman, and finally conquer the Egypt. Lias.

”Character Lang” will be a Golden Savior?

In 2018, it is a ”disaster” for Jinjian team. 47 wins 115 defeat is not only the 11th ”Baiya Sai”, 115 lost, even breaking the team moving to Baltimo (Previously, 1988 107), meritorious head Buck – Schovate can only be ejected, this season is in the leader of the general coach Branden Hyde, still steadily ranking the East, and it is very likely to once again Welcome to the ”Baihe Season”, for a hundred waste of Jinji, ie, the sharp-powered Rujiman driving is absolutely a great news that is rebuilt.

Last season, Jinji was to send away the star Manni Madoxo. In addition, the deal walked the Terminator Zach Briton, the Star Wilderner Jonen Sku, and Kevin Gauman, Brad – Brach and Darren – Olympic and other stars, the young players replaced will not be described, but in fact, there are not many seedlings that are seen as future superstars in the Jinyu farm. Only three generals are 50 points. The rookie – Outfielder DL Hall, Foreign Wild, Yusnier-Dias, and Ryan Montekastel, now Ru Tien’s new ”farm master” in the farm of this team.

Machado has played in the Jinjian team

Machado has played in the Jinjian team

When the Jinshu marked the charm, the forefront of the Yangji’s head coach, and the MLB official website analyst Joe-Gilladi’s words of Rujiman did not violently, and it was considered that Luceman had both war and talented. Can kill the runner with arm, you can smart ball, whether you stand in the left or right-to-right, and even have the top offshore skills, it is simply perfect.

In the first time, Luceman wearing a gold hat is also said: ”It’s too crazy, I am ready for gold.”

You can see the avatar of Drek Kit, is printed in every corner of the world, and the Milwaukee’s billboard will also printed Christian – Jeregi, the future, Ru Tien will also stay in Baltimore billboard.

Ruciiman has spent his 21-year-old birthday in February, perhaps, for too long, 2021, or even next year, we will see this super rookie in the big union.