MLB number one rookie Xiaogrero Talent explosion is only 19 years old, it is blue bird to reconstruct the cornerstone

Recently Alliance official website announced a list of new group of 100 new show from the Toronto Bluebird System, Vladimir Guerreo Jr.

In the 3-year 66 hit rate of the small alliance, even MLB experts don't know what Xiagrero's future is like.

In the 3-year 66 hit rate of the small alliance, even MLB experts don’t know what Xiagrero’s future is like.

Jim Callis, Jim Callis, asked Many senior people in the industry on the future development of Grero and the control template, and they were amazed at the talents showing Grero, and they have the most in history.Top players compared.

Before talking about Greeo, we must give the same talent. Duo Duo Nanguo System of San Diego – Eroy Jimene, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Chicago Tatis, Eloy Jimenez (Eloy Jimenez) )pay tribute. Last season, they were also very good at the small alliance, but to say who is the first new show in the league, Grero is an unopened candidate.

Xiaogrero got his father

Xiaogrero got his father ”violence” and waving the truth, even the trajectory of the waves

After the Great Valley, the Great League was promoted last season, Grero continued to prove the number of the first person of his small alliance. Looking forward to the future, maybe Grero’s prospects is more lightweight than Daguan and Akunia.

Last seasons were only 19 years old, and the age of high school students who participated in the draft last year were almost the same. However, he killed the top 3A League from the low-order 1A League all the way, no matter whether the hits (0.381), the long-win rate (0.636) or the offensive index (1.120) is a small alliance. Almost all scouts have identified that he is still less than 20 years old, he has had the ability to respond to the big alliance.

In view of his performance of the race last season, we can’t help but take him with the genius newcomers in history. Is Grero not the best rookie in history? If not, is he hit the best rookie in history?

With these problems, we have consulted a number of senior high-spirited explorations during Arizona Fall League. The blowout of Grero in the Fall Alliance is also impressive, and he seems to make the hit very simple. During the discussion, we all believe that Grero’s overall performance in the competition is not the best rookie in history, but he is indeed the top age in such a small age.

Among the memories of scouting, Alex Rodriguez is the best rookie in the past for at least 30 years, and it is difficult for future generations. As a 1993 case, Rodriguez was 18 years of age, and he was in the first show of his big alliance. At the age of 20, Rodriggs had handed over the hit three of 0.358 / 0.414 / 0.631, and 36 strikes and 15 pirates have become the best players of the United States. This year, Ji Grero is already 20 years old.

On only 16 years old in 2015, Xiaogrero waves shocked MLB Scouting Group

On only 16 years old in 2015, Xiaogrero waves shocked MLB Scouting Group

Grero is signed by the blue bird in 2015, and the contract is as high as $ 3.9 million. Since this, his hit three surrounded by 0.331 / 0.414 / 0.529, a total of 146 feeding is only 135 times. Such a score is not more than Rodriguez. Also in the small alliance, Rodrigs’s hit three is 0.328 / 0.387 / 0.603, and 60 passes are selected, 126 times.

However, in other respects, Grero’s housing performance is general, and the preparational capacity is only mad. There is a scouting that he can’t stand the three bases in the future, you have
to move the first base or left and right field. And the same year’s Rodrigue is not only higher than the average, but he can guard the guerrilla area. In the career of the Grand League, he has successfully pirated 329 times, and I also took 2 gold split awards.

”In my eyes, Rodrigs is the best.” The high-rise of the National Association said that ”Grero is more than Rodrigs Rodrigs, but he can not only have Gray. Luo’s hit level, he can also contribute to defensive. His deputy movement is very smooth, his talent explosion. His speed is fast, throwing and accurate. And Grero can only be eye-catching ability. ”:

”But if you ask me which rookie has the strongest blow, I may choose Greoro. His performance is too good.”

Most scouts think that Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Trout is better than Glero. Ge Rifei is the 1987 champion, he became a first-ranking player of Seattle sailors 19 years old. He has been in the small alliance, and the results of 0.320 / 0.428 / 0.576 are all slaughtered. He is a standard all-round player. As a total of 10 gold gloves, he won 10 golden gloves. After retiring, he participated in the celebration of the famous Hall of the Hall of Fame.

”The two best rookie I have ever seen, one is Xiaolifi, and one is Rodriguez,” Special Assistant, the ”National Sales,” Geffini’s sports talent, and Rodrigue The ability to show the most complete. ”

Tuuri is the first MLB first, and Grero will move the first person's location?

Tuuri is the first MLB first, and Grero will move the first person’s location?

Turkit did not recognize the best rookie in the alliance before the Great League in 2012. Although he is in the performance of the Small Alliance by some scarves of the legendary field of New York Yangji – Mantle Mantle, some scouts are better than Bryce Harper. Matt Moore has a two-season three-ivible number, and in 2011, the main investigation of the main investment 7 bureau in the United Jehrenfang partition series, and there is a ball to explore him. .

The striking three surrounded by the Turu Tei League reached 0.342 / 0.425 / 0.516, and continued to advance after boarding the big alliance, and became a strong competitor of the most valuable players of the Agricultural Union. Turt has already won 2 Menlian’s most valuable players, and continues to create a legendary achievement belonging to him.

Grero has been compared with all the big superstars of the alliance.

Grero has been compared with all the big superstars of the alliance.

Grero’s comprehensiveness is less than Rodrigs, Ge Rui or Turpit, but his hit potential is indeed unparalleled. He meets all the elites of the play of the ball: crack down speed, strike power, no dead angle, excellent hand-eye coordination ability, accurate choice of power, can play the ball to each corner of the venue, can put the ball Bringing any stadium. If you want to shape a perfect blow, you only need to let Grero will be changed to the left.

”He didn’t have Turett, Rodrigs and Gefi’s physical condition or hit talent, but he could become a career hits more than 330, and there were 30 strokes that contributed above each season.” The executives from the United United issue like this, ”he has the physical conditions and blows of the thrive. Every night he can play it away.”

”He can be considered the top player in this decade or even this generation. Look at the power to show when he waves, long-playing skills, every time he can eat the part, this is the top performance. He The strike ability is really strong. ”

As a throttle and heavy gunner, Grero has gained the same evaluation as Geffi and Rodrigue. In the past decade, there are very few other super new show to get this praise. This can mean Grero’s hitting ability than Andrew Jones and Harper, long-playing ability exceeds Qipper Jones, Joe Mauer and Turt .

Career 3% 18 hits with 449 bangs and 1496 points, Old Railo successfully high-quality

Career 3% 18 hits with 449 bangs and 1496 points, Old Railo successfully high-quality

Talking about Grero, he had to mention the father of the famous Hall, Old Fladimir Grero. Old Grero’s 3 seasons in the Small League, the hitting three surrounded by 0.343 / 0.403 / 0.581, and 95 assurance was selected for 115. It is worth mentioning that the time of Old Greor to the 3A League is 2 years older than his son, and there is no son of his son.

”See Xiaogrero’s hit, the place that makes me surprised is that his fighting strategy is completely different from his father.” There is a high-rise in the famous National Federation, ”Old Grro’s wreath is very radical, no matter what The singer will sway. His son is not the same as him, and Xiagrero has a good combat strategy and balance. Considering that he is still less than 20 years old, he shows the ball and hitting posture It is really impressive. ”

When we let the ball to find the template of the small Greero, the scouts mention the top three names are the right bearer: Miguel Cabrera, Manni Ramirez ( Manny Ramirez and Gary Sheffield. Perhaps you would like why there is no ”biochemical” Albert Pujols name, the viewpoint of scout is that Pugls is only a season in the 1A Alliance in front of the Great League. To a certain extent, Pughal is born in the air, and he is not enough to be a measure of Xiagirrro’s performance in a small alliance.

Xiaogrero now needs to be on the big profit and then prove yourself.

Xiaogrero now needs to be on the big profit and then prove yourself.

Currently and Xiaogrero’s closest template is Miguel – Kabrera. The advantages and disadvantages of their small alliance are very similar: outstanding strike capacity, defensive shortboard and background from the Latin America. Compared to small Greero, Kabrera was inferior in the small alliance. He is only 0.286 / 0.350 / 0.431 in the smashing three of the small alliance, and is almost twice that of the number of boins.

From the score of the small alliance, the closest to Xiaogrero is Gi’an Shefield. Sheffield has played a hit three of 0.314 / 0.396 / 0.539 in the small union pitcher, and the 19-year-old union was also boarded. Manny Ramirez is the most talented high school player in some scarlets. His hits in the small union are 0.316/0.408/0.595, but he is not 21 years old when you board the big alliance.

The Special Assistant of the Kingdomball Team mentioned: ”Smalllero’s hitting ability is very strong, and he played for a long time.” ”He could make a change ball into peace. As a young player, he can play the ball to the venue All directions. He is good at distinguishing the changing balls and shifting balls.

”Manny (Ramires) is very beautiful, and Xiaogrero’s hand movements and Kabrera is more similar. Manny’s waving movement is more effective in playing the ball, can play a lot of flat Flying balls. And the actions of Kabrera of Kabrera, Xiagrero and the same age.

Follow the father's footsteps and surpass him is Xiaogrero to be realized, the Blue Bird's stage is ready to be prepared for Xiagrero.

Follow the father’s footsteps and surpass him is Xiaogrero to be realized, the Blue Bird’s stage is ready to be prepared for Xiagrero.

Although Xiaogrero’s existing market has not been underestimated, the high-level seniority of the United States believes that his strong psychological state has not received enough understanding.

”Xiaogrero’s physical fitness guarantees his super star’s super stars before the rod, and we can reach the previous stars mentioned. We generally say that these people are the people who are born, and the trajectory is also very good. However, Kabrera Before the blow, Ramirez is more good about the blowing drilling. This is not just because they have talented – they have been doing homework before hitting. According to relevant people, Xiagrero and these Great players are also fully prepared before hitting. ”

In our interview, the names mentioned by each scout did not have entered the famous Hall of Treat. This is the award of Grero’s competitive level. The new season fans are looking forward to the performance of Xiaogrero in the Great Alliance.