MLB pitcher war Hendrick laughs to the last wins

On May 30th, Beijing time, the three consecutive war of Chicago Bear and Houston Space, the first two battles lost the lead in the opening of Shuvabo’s Yangchun cannon, after this base of Bryant Let the bears lead 2 to 0, and the bear’s first pitcher Hendricks 7 bureau only lost 1 point, and finally the bear 2 is 2 to 1 victory to the spaceman ended his three losses. After winning the winning, 31 wins and 23 were alone in the National United Kingdom District, and the spaceman 37 wins 20 were leading in the Melase West.

[Data Highlight]

Xiao Xiong Shuwaibang fell out of the 10th ethics of the personal season, Bryant, who was injured, was knocked out the 13th bombings
in the personal season, the cubs have a lot of people to have 6 counts 0, first, first, Pitcher, Hendrick 8 bureaus 7 three vibrators only lost 1 point. Space people first pitched Meri 7 games 9 times three vibrations only lost 2 points, and the audience is only 4 security.

[Competition process]

On the first game, Shuvabo knocked out the first-stage home run, the first game, the first game, the first bureau, Brandtell, the second base, https://www.mlbtrikot4.comlet the space people capture a little ruster, but a pity that Gu Ruiier was killed There is no way to equalize the score.

The second bureau has sent a half-bureau, and the third bureau, Bryant, the third bureau, and the homework in Yangchun is rewritten into 2 to 0.

The fourth game of Bayz’s security and Kangrtreras’s guarantees let the little bear account for 1, 2 bases. After that, Almora’s worldwide is smashed in the small fans, the https://www.mlbboutique2.comorganizer will send it to the hospital for the first time. Since then, Almora was sent to Zhenzhen, and teammates did not send the runners on the spot.

The fourth bureau’s lower Braggman’s second base is playing and Brandei’s series of tandem, and the spaceman captured 1, 3, and the Redken knocked out the high flying sacrifice to break the team to score.

In the seventh place, Hendrik is investigated 2 times, and the spaceman captured 1, 2 bases, but it was still solved the ninth stick Marrisnik to resolve the crisis.

The ninth bureau, Shihouse took the pitch of Hendrick. He only had 12 balls to complete the end of the other party, and the final bear was 2 to 1 victory in the road.

[Two sides starting]

Chicago Cabin Team

First stick: left outer wilder Kyle Schwaber

Second, specify the strike Chris Brines

Third Bot: A 手 Anthony – Rezo

Fourth: Three base Harville – Bayz

Fifth good: Catcher Wilson – Kanditreras

Sixth stick: Chinese and foreign wilder Albert – Almora

Seventh: Right outside wilder Jason – Hayward

Eighth rod: guerrilla Edison – Russell

Ninth, two bases, David – Bodi

First Pointer: Kyle Hendricks

Houston Space Team

First stick: left outer wilder Delik Fisher

Second, guerrilla Alex-Bregman

Third Bottom: Specify Mike Blanteley

Fourth Body: Tablet Eucli – Gu Ruiier

Fifth good: Right outside wilder, Yash-Redick

Sixth stick: Catcher Raymond – Chrinos

Seventh: A barrier Taylor-White

Eighth rod: two bases Tony Camp

Ninth Bat: Chinese and Foreign Wildener Jack – Marisnick

First Punner Wade Meri

[Next prospect]

After a break, the bear will go to St. Louis and the Red Root to launch a three-game war. The first battle is more than the pitcher. This season will be 3 wins and 3 loss of self-loss rate 5.40, and the red tones are sent to Miks This season, 4 wins this season, 5 wins 5.76. Spaceier is also a day to take the Auckland and sportswells to start the three consecutive war, the first contest Brad Pikick will be issued by the space person, 5 wins this season Heads of self-exclusive scores 3.19, the sportsist is sent to the Fairs first round, and the 4 wins and 3 loss of 4 wins and 3 loss this year are 5.00.