MLB radi team wants to move home to overseas agencies 15 years to return to Montreal?

On June 21st, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Great League approved the possibility of some major cities in other cities in other cities. According to reliable news, this team from Florida is likely to go to a thousand miles away, choose Canadian city Montreal as the ”second home” of the team.

Based on the proposal from the rays, the race in the season will continue to be held in Florida, while the remaining home competition will move Montreal.

For MLB teams based on specific cities, Tampa Bay’s trial is very bold. Obviously, wanting to make such a plan, is not an easy task. There are still many problems that need to be solved. And this ”double city plan”, there is no way to truly realize it before 2023.

In 2005, the exhibition team lying in Montreal went to Washington, and the second largest city in Canada ushered in the ”baseball shortage” in the 15 years. Although starting from 2014, Toronto Blue Birds will arrange some quarterly games in Montreal, but this does not meet the appetite of the Montreal fans. Obviously, a MLB team will receive a large number of people in the city. This includes Stephen Bronfman, his father Charles – Brownfman is the boss of the exhibition team. Brownman is planning for potential new stadiums and actively participates in planning.

Once Montreal Exhibition Team (Data Map)

Once Montreal Exhibition Team (Data Map)

Stuart Sternberg, the boss of Tampa Bay, said in an interview with the media that his primary goal is still in Tampa Bay, but he is working on the current The new proposal is very interested.

Perhaps this is something that is expected, but the double city plan for the radiance is actually the main family of the team, a Tropicana Field. This site is known as the worst baseball home in the Alliance. Subject to the field, the radiance can be described as a heavy loss: the last rate ranked second in the entire alliance. Obviously, the most important
goal of the double city plan will be to save the rays of the rays and ensure the important financial revenue of the team.

Tampa Bay and Toronto Bluebird are also divided into the Eastern District, and if Tampa Bay is set to the second home, then the two teams will stage ”Canadian Virgin”, for two teams For example, it will be a good thing to stimulate the last rate.

Pure goods Connone

Pure goods Connone

The Montreal Exhibition Team was the first team of the American Professional Baseball Union to be located overseas. Here I have undertake a beautiful memories of many baseball fans. A well-known African Baseball Star Jakie-Robie Robinson is also a one-minute historical short documentary in the Montreal Metropolitan team.

In the early early days of this century, the home of the Montreal Exhibition team encountered bottlenecks. In 2002, the average number of exhibition teams had just over 10,000. But in 2014, the blue birds and New York metadam have attracted nearly 100,000 fans to come to watch. Obviously, the Great Alliance noticed the enthusiasm of Montreal fans, which also re-welcoming the professional baseball in Montreal.

Whether it is NBA, or MLB, Canada is an overseas market that is close at hand and can actively expand. Among the 2019 NBA Finals, the Toronto Raptors who won the first time, and the crazy Toronto fans made more investors to see the huge potential value of the Canadian market. Maybe Montreal can help the radians out of the predicament, and on the other hand, the fans in Montreal, and the surrounding areas will re-won the wonderful performance of the professional baseball team.